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Five Fantastic Event Marketing Ideas to Entice and Excite Customers

fantastic event marketing ideas

In this post, I will be talking about some simple ideas you can use in your event marketing to engage with your consumers and boost the effects of your event.

Here are five fantastic event marketing ideas to entice and excite your consumers.


give a glimpse of what's on offer

Give the Public a Taste of What You’re Offering

Perhaps obvious, but the distribution of samples has been a long-standing staple of the marketing world. The premise of this promotional ploy is to be able to give the public a glimpse and experience of whatever it is you are offering, vital in building awareness and relationships.

They say ‘nothing in life is free’, so being given something for nothing – no matter the size – is a surefire way to win someone over. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve accepted free samples on the street. And sure, they might not make you week, but they definitely brighten your day. And more significantly, they have often introduced me to products and brands I would not otherwise engage with.


use disappearing content

Pique Interest Using Disappearing Content

Rather than an idea for your event marketing, using disappearing content is more a way of embellishing your event. Disappearing content could be anything from a geofilter to a unique lens people at your event can use.

Using disappearing content can boost your online engagement, helping you to grow your following on social media or subscriptions like SMS and email. Additionally, those who share this content, in turn, spread your message and marketing to their own audiences, meaning your marketing can spread beyond your event.


use hashtags in event marketing

Make the Most of  Hashtags in Your Event Marketing

Much like the idea above, using hashtags is a way to broaden your reach and create a way for your event marketing to grow beyond the initial event. It is another way to encourage and foster engagement with your brand, and to in turn create a stronger brand presence.

A short, catchy hashtag can be used on social media in connection with your event. Those who visit can use this, and in turn, spread your message even further. Additionally, hashtags can be used in conjunction with other ideas, such as competitions or shortcodes and keywords, to strengthen your other marketing channels and ideas.


competitions in your marketing strategy

Run a Competition for Marathon Engagement

Competitions have long since been a core component of many marketing campaigns. They provide a stimulus for the public to engage with your brand and an incentive for them to engage with you. And when paired with other ideas like hashtags, it can provide a means of boosting your image and extending your audience.

Additionally, if you can think of a creative and appropriate concept for your competition it will bolster your brand image.


appropriate partnerships

Appropriate Partnerships

Partnering up with another company can bring a boost to your event marketing. It can also open new avenues and ideas. A good partnership can stir some truly novel and creative ideas, that will engage and excite your audience. Not to mention, partnering with another brand means you will introduce yourselves to each other’s audiences, increasing your own following. In addition, it will foster a strong relationship with the partnering company. A relationship that could benefit you for many years!

Does co-branding work?

One of the strongest co-branding partnerships from the top of my head, would be Red Bull and GoPro. These brands share a lot of core values, and their partnership has created some fantastic events. One of which being the famous ‘Stratos’ stunt, where Felix Baumgartner jumped from the stratosphere to freefall to earth. By doing this, he completed the highest ever freefall and becoming the first human to skydive faster than sound. This was one of many stunts Red Bull has coordinated, and GoPro documented, and an example of how a working partnership can foster strong relationships both between companies and with the public, heighten brand awareness, and provide a mutually beneficial platform for both parties.


Event marketing has been a core component of many companies marketing strategies, and with good reason. With the ability to build brand awareness, foster strong relationships with the public and other brands, increase engagement and boost audiences, it can be a promotional powerhouse.

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