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  • SMS Campaign Strive to do what all good supervillains do, make an amazing plan and get a lot of attention.

SMS Campaign stives to do what all good super villains do. Make an amazing plan and get a LOT of attention. And just like nearly every villain ever, we succeed at grabbing attention, but never get to carry out evil deeds in the end. (We’re nice, really.)

Thomas DeVos

Thomas DeVos co-founded SMS Campaign and is a wizard with IT. He is our product development engineer after all!

He’s an expert at providing software solutions. When he works his technical magic, you’ll see miracles happen.

Thomas has used these experiences and powers for good, shown by his vast experience in business development and solutions roles.

His surname not only sounds cool, it happens to mean ‘fox’. It’s like he was made to be a comic villain!

Doctor DeVos

DeVos is the evil genius behind all the schemes.

This cunning inventor has always been ahead of the game, experimenting with the weird and wonderful.

This wily fox is worth watching.

If you don’t, you might find yourself lost in the past, while he forges into the future.

Raj Mistry

Raj Mistry (Mystery, Mistry? Get it!) co-founded SMS Campaign with Thomas. You could say they’re partners in crime!

Raj is the company director, adding to other successful businesses he has masterminded.

He’s also got a plethora of experience as a manager and consultant. Especially within IT.

Raj’s surname is great for use in creating a supervillain alter ego. But if he had did have a superpower, it would be to get Arsenal to win the premier league

Mistry Man

An enigma. But to the Mistry Man, everything and anyone can be read like a text.

He knows how to take any idea, any concept, and deliver it as a tangible message.

A mastermind behind any devious plan to draw a crowd. He’s a bit of an attention seeker.

Erin Quilliam

Erin joined the team fresh from university as a content writer, and now happily manages all content and copy produced for SMS Campaign.

She might be the new kid on the block, but Erin knows her way with words.

With professional experience as a brand ambassador and an actress, she knows a thing or two about appearances and putting your best foot forward.


The crafty sidekick to Doctor DeVos and the Mistry Man.

Language is as powerful and malleable as any superpower or magic. And this mischievous imp knows exactly how to wield it.

Never underestimate the power of words or this young bright spark.

Tabitha Gray

Tabitha is a marketing whizz and the resident marketing expert for SMS Campaign.

She successfully runs her own marketing strategies company. She also happens to have a wealth of experience in communications and development, so she knows all about growing and selling a business.

When Tabitha isn’t teaching everyone about marketing, she’s teaching her beloved dog agility. If you need to teach an old dog new tricks, Tabitha’s who you need. (She might teach your pooch something too!)

The Ringmaster

Everything and everyone can be whipped into shape.

It’s uncertain if this villain has incredible psychological powers or just an astonishing grasp of other creatures. Whatever it is, she knows exactly how to work a crowd.

A master of ceremonies and expert at running the show, The Ringmaster helps spread Doctor Devos and the Mistry Man’s work.

Sunil Kargwal

Sunil is a graphics expert and the senior graphics designer for SMS Campaign.

From everything from social media banners to our homepage and PDFs, Sunil is the man behind the images.

Sunil also runs his own design business. So like most of the team, he is a leader and an expert at what he does.


Artificer can create something out of nothing.

Whereas Vex can manipulate words, Artificer controls images and sight. From dispelling illusions to creating the perfect image of success, he can do it.

The work of Artificer needs to be seen to be believed. But with this master of manipulation, can you really believe everything that you see?

Vivek Chaudhari

Vivek is a web developer specialist and the senior developer in the SMS Campaign team.

Always ready to help, determined, and driven, Vivek is a Tour de Force when it comes to development.

If you need someone to work wonders with your website, Vivek is the person you want to call on.

V. Villainy

Once described as “v v villainous” by a youth, it stuck, and V. Villainy was born.

Another member of Doctor DeVos esteemed evil league, V. Villainy helps to create the evil genius’s inventions.

A mastermind in his own right, V. Villainy can create and operate the most devious developments the world has ever seen.

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