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Busting Text Marketing Myths: Myth 3

Busting text marketing myths

Text marketing is generally well-met, however, there are a few myths that sometimes spring into people’s minds at the mention of SMS marketing messages.

In this third instalment of our ‘Busting Text Marketing Myths’ series, we’re going to tackle the myth that text message marketing is an impersonal, unemotional form of communication. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

We will also be adding more posts debunking myths of text messaging in the future. So keep your eyes peeled for future instalments to find out more about the reality of SMS.

Myth 3: Text Marketing is Impersonal

This myth can have elements of truth in it. It is perfectly plausible for you to send or receive an impersonal text message. But this is almost guaranteed to be a fault of the content of the message, then the delivery method.


All Marketing can be Impersonal

It may be said that text messaging is an impersonal approach to marketing. But the basis behind the claims will probably be that it is not relevant or directed to the individual receiving the message. In which case, the same can be said of emails, flyers, and even social media posts and sponsored content.

Besides if you are receiving text messages that are not relevant to you, and you did not consent to receive, they are spam and a big red cross for whoever sent them. It’s bad practice and a terrible form of ‘marketing’. (We don’t tolerate spam, in case you were wondering.)

Another reason a message can be seen as impersonal is that the message itself does not strike the reader. There’s no emotion, or draw. You might have even received an irrelevant, and unemotive marketing message at some point. But again, this is a fault of the content and campaign, not the delivery method. I’m sure we have all received messages through other channels that were equally dull and nondescript!



Text Message Marketing can be Pretty Personal

There are several factors that can make a message seem personal. Making sure your message is relevant, interesting, and direct. In fact, text marketing can be turned into highly personalised marketing machines.



Targeted Text Messages

Targeting your audience for the maximum relevance of content is perhaps the biggest factor in making your marketing messages personalised. Segmenting your audience might mean you send several different messages or variations of one, but it allows you to ensure that your subscribers see content that they want. Say if someone signed up to your SMS list to hear more about music festivals, sending them messages about a sound design expo will strike them as impersonal and irrelevant. And if they don’t get to see the content they want, they’ll unsubscribe. Simple as that.


simple shortcuts for personalisationSimple Shortcuts for personalisation

Another easy way to personalise marketing messages is to actually personalise the messages. It might not seem like much, but changing your message from ‘Dear reader’ to ‘Dear Mark’ will get someone’s attention far more. And if you’re using a platform like SMS Campaign to schedule your messages, all it takes is a short written shortcut (or you can drag and drop it) to change every greeting to be personalised for the individual reader, even if the message is sent to thousands.



Texting is Direct and the Favourite Form of Communication

Texting is more popular than calls, and most people are more comfortable reading and replying to texts than anything else. They’re simple and quick to send and receive, and easy to read. Not to mention, most people have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7. With that in mind, it’s hard to think of a text as anything but personal.

Even though the mode of delivery is not as important as the message content when it comes to personalisation, it still has a part to play. Sending a message directly to someone, and to their mobile, will always seem more personal than other forms of marketing. People place a lot of value in their mobile numbers, which is why they are more inclined to sign-up for emails than texting. But that isn’t a downside. In fact, it’s an advantage.

It means your audience is fully invested in you and what you have to say, and more inclined to read and engage with your marketing campaigns. (Coupled with text messages astronomical read rates, it means your messages are guaranteed to be seen.)


In Conclusion

Although it is true that text message marketing can be impersonal, that is a fault of the message content and direction, rather than the delivery method. All forms of marketing communication can be impersonal if carried out poorly, directed to the wrong audience, or written badly. Making sure your messages are being sent to people who are interested in your content is key. It just happens that text message marketing happens to be a direct and pretty personal way of sending those messages.

Using text messages can be a great addition to your marketing campaign, as well as an effective marketing channel in their own right. And with our tailored packages, you’ll find everything you need to carry out a successful campaign. Try it today, and make your marketing super!

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