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Busting Text Marketing Myths: Part Two

busting text marketing myths part two

Text or SMS marketing is generally well-met, however, there are a few myths that sometimes spring into people’s minds at the mention of SMS marketing messages.

In this second part of busting text and SMS marketing myths, we’re going to tackle the myth surrounding SMS marketing and share some key facts and statistics in its place. And that is the idea that people really do not want to receive text messages. 

You can read our first post here, tackling the myth that text messaging doesn’t work for business.


The idea people don't want the option of receiving SMS Marketing is a myth

Myth 2: People Don’t Want to Receive SMS Marketing Messages

We’re not entirely sure where this prevalent myth emerged from. We think it is based on the experiences of reams of spam emails and junk mail people seem to receive on a regular basis.

At the mention of text marketing or SMS marketing, you might question yourself, is it spam? And this feeds into the above myth.

The belief that SMS marketing is spam really is a myth. That’s because it is an opt-in service. For a person to receive marketing messages, they have to have consented to receive them.

And with the introduction of GDPR in May, the rules of consent are being strengthened with the need for clear and explicit requests and permission. Meaning that SMS marketing must always be clearly agreed to being received, and therefore, cannot be spam messaging.

Not to mention as a company, we do not tolerate spam. Meaning messages sent through us are always of value to their recipients and always asked for.


What are the facts about SMS Marketing?

What are the Facts?

The idea that people don’t want to receive SMS marketing doesn’t appear to have any basis, other than an assumption built around experiences with email marketing.

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 57% of people would be happy to sign up to an SMS loyalty scheme. Which means that the majority of people actually want to receive text messages. Furthermore, Salesforce found that 64% of consumers think businesses should use SMS more.

That myth about people not wanting texts seems pretty busted.

People who had been a member of an SMS scheme, 90% of them felt they had gained value from it. (91% according to some other sources!) Which means the people you do contact through SMS, probably feel glad to be getting the messages.

So from a consumer perspective, people do want to receive SMS marketing messages. But what do other businesses think?

SMS Marketing from the Business Perspective

Turns out, businesses know the worth of text messages and SMS marketing. Not only that, they value it just as much as their users and customers. In fact, 79% believe that mobile marketing is core to their business.

So not only do users value SMS marketing messages, but businesses do too. And when such a high volume of traffic and revenue now comes from mobile devices, it makes a lot of sense to utilise a market and messaging platform that already exists and integrates across all devices.

Not including text messages or an SMS marketing strategy in your marketing plan could be a huge lost opportunity. And when texting is so easy to do and readily accessible, it doesn’t have to be a huge investment to include.



Once again, it would seem that the myth that people do not want to receive SMS marketing messages, is nothing more than a myth. And when SMS is used, people really do value the communication and their content.

If you feel like you’re missing out on your mobile marketing plan and want to get started, give us a call today. We can even take charge of your SMS marketing as part of our new managed service. So whatever stage you are at, or the time constraints you have, we’re sure to have a solution for you.

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