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Busting Text Marketing Myths: Myth 4

IS text message marketing obsolete?

Text messaging – also called SMS – has become an integral part of our daily lives. We love texting. Yet when it comes to using texts in the workday, several myths are repeated and eyebrows raised. Why?

They’re myths for a reason. And we are working to debunk some of the most popular SMS marketing myths.

In this post, we’re going to tackle a fourth myth surrounding text message marketing. And that is the idea that text marketing is obsolete.

Is text marketing obsolete?

Myth 4: Text message marketing is obsolete

This one baffles us, to be honest, but it is a widespread misconception. Some people believe text marketing is obsolete.

Our argument is simple. Would you call texting obsolete? Probably not.

Sure, there are more messaging platforms and apps available now. But they aren’t universal. You can’t guarantee someone has a particular app downloaded. (Much less that you can reach them through it!)

You might have several messaging apps on your phone. But have they stopped you getting text messages? I doubt it. Text messaging remains widely available and hugely used.

Additionally, you don’t need a smartphone to receive text messages. A great failsafe when almost 20% of adults who own a mobile, but not a smartphone. (Which means they won’t have apps, social media, or emails easily available on their phones.)

SMS Marketing facts

What are the Facts?

While not a fact itself, I’m willing to say that every person you would want to market to owns a mobile phone. Especially given the statistics.

In a recent study by Ofcom, it was found that 94% of adults own and use a mobile phone. Whereas only 83% of adults had broadband (fixed or mobile).

That means that there is a distinct proportion of the population who cannot easily access internet-based applications and communication. Not only that, but wifi availability and even strong mobile coverage can’t be guaranteed. (Like my hometown, it’s a mobile network black hole.) The consistent availability of texting – and it’s ease of use – means it is still the most popular form of communication.

I actually found myself surprised by the above study. As a typical millennial, I am aware of the decline in landlines. But I massively overestimated the number of broadband connections available.

Both broadband and landline connections are around 25-26 million. That’s just under a third of the entire UK population. Both pale in comparison to the staggering 92 million mobile subscriptions.

92 million mobile subscriptions also outnumber the ENTIRE POPULATION of the UK. So even if babies and toddlers had mobile phones (I hope not…) it means that there are literally millions of adults with at least two active mobile phones.


The number of mobile subscriptions may not prove much except for the prevalence of mobiles in the UK. But you have to consider, every one of those 92 million phones is a potential subscriber. No further app downloads or internet required. Just a simple text.

To find out more about the potential of text message marketing, contact our team today. We’ll help you understand the ways in which text marketing can help your business, and give you all the tools and support you need to make your marketing super.

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