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Busting Text Marketing Myths: Part One

text messaging isn't just for marketing

Text marketing is generally well-met, however, there are a few myths that sometimes spring into people’s minds at the mention of SMS marketing messages.

This post is going to tackle some of the big myths of the text marketing world and give some insight into the reality of text messaging.

We will also be adding more posts debunking myths of text messaging in the future. So keep your eyes peeled for future instalments to find out more about the reality of SMS. You can read the second part of the series, examining the myth that people do not want to receive text or SMS marketing messages.


Myth: Text marketing for business doesn't work

Myth 1: Text Marketing for Business Doesn’t Work

Perhaps you think that text marketing doesn’t work for business. Or maybe you just think it won’t work for your business.

This one is most certainly a myth. Text marketing does work. Furthermore, it frequently trumps other forms of marketing in terms of effectiveness.

Now for some quick numbers to prove the point. 97% of texts are opened and read, as opposed to 29% of tweets, or 20% of emails. Facebook follows behind with an even smaller 12%. For some more statistics, check out the  Digital Marketing Magazine’s Key Statistics for SMS Marketing.

The difference between text marketing and other forms of communications isn’t just visible, it’s positively staggering.

Therefore it is clear that text marketing does work for business. Not only that, but it outperforms other forms of marketing.


Myth: Text marketing won't work for my business

Myth 1.5: Text Marketing Won’t Work for My Business

So you’re sure that text marketing does work for some businesses, great! But maybe you believe that while text marketing might work for other companies, it just isn’t right for your business.

Firstly, there is no one business that text marketing works best for. The companies who use and benefit from using texts is as varied as the world of business.

From restaurants sending discount codes, to dentists sending appointment reminders. Couriers might send an SMS notifying of an impending delivery, whilst an office would send a round-robin via text. Not to mention the various ways texts can be incorporated into our specialism, events, from ticket selling to feedback collection.

Text messaging is a versatile, accessible form of communication in daily life. It’s no different in business.


text messaging isn't just used for text marketing

Messaging Isn’t Just for Marketing

A ‘text marketing’ service can be used for a lot more than just broadcasting marketing messages. Which means if your business doesn’t send promotional or marketing materials, there could still be a variety of uses for text messages in your working life.

At SMS Campaign, for example, we provide you with the platform and tools to send bulk SMS messages easily. You can even schedule messages or view analytics about your read and response rates.

Because of this, it just happens that bulk SMS messages are used for marketing purposes. But our platform isn’t restrictive, and you can use the service for many communications, not just text marketing.

According to the Broadsoft Mobile Whitepaper, over 80% of people use text messaging for business. Not only that, but 15% said that more than half their messages are for business purposes.


It’s clear that the myth that text messaging doesn’t work for business is just a myth. Not only is text messaging and marketing on the rise in work applications, but it performs far better than other forms of communication.

If you need any more encouragement, you can call one of our friendly evil geniuses to ask any questions you have, or to discuss how text marketing could be incorporated into your organisation.

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