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Super Simple Strategy to Combat No-Shows

combat no-shows using SMS

One of the biggest pain points in the event industry is how to combat no-shows. Having ticket holders who don’t turn up can stack up to a huge loss. It isn’t simply one less body at the event. It represents a ticket lost and the potential further sale to the event goer. (Food, drinks, merchandise, etc.)

So how can you try to reduce the number of no-shows to your event? One solution using SMS could be surprisingly simple but effective



Using SMS Shortcodes to Reduce No-Shows

One answer to reducing no-shows can be found in your pocket. (And your guests’ pocket.) There are a few ways you can use SMS to prevent absenteeism, but shortcodes are probably the simplest for you and your delegates.

By including a shortcode and keyword for customers to reply to means they can quickly and easily cancel their attendance. Letting you know you have a ticket spare you can sell on. (Or one less mouth to feed, if you’re catering!)

For example,

“Will you be attending tomorrow’s talk? Text “YES” or “NO”’ to 10735 to confirm your attendance.”

The text can be sent at any time, and you can even include a URL to let customers check the details of the event, and perhaps book for another.

Sending them the message will remind them to check if they are able to attend or not. And the keywords make it easy for them to inform you of their attendance.



But What if They Don’t Reply?

Easy! If your event goer doesn’t reply to your message, just send them another one closer to the event.

Or you can use SMS Campaign’s handy reporting feature to find out who it is that has not replied to your message, and allow you to get in contact through another channel. (Perhaps send them an email, reminding them of the event and to reply to your text.)

By using SMS, it has never been easier to combat no-shows and bolster your attendance rates.at



SMS is more than the nation’s favourite form of communication. It’s a versatile, simple tool to be applied to your marketing strategy. Not only does it perform astoundingly well in its own right, but it can be used effectively to boost your other marketing channels such as email and social media.

If you’re interested in finding out how SMS can become your user-friendly marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.

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