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How can Corporate Events Make the Most of SMS and Boost their Attendance

corproate events can boost attendance with sms marketing

Corporate events can span the spectrum of formality, and purpose. You could as easily be planning a seminar, as a trade show booth, a product launch, or a holiday party. To keep things simple, we are going to break down advice for in-house corporate events. Your weekly meetings, and office parties, and so on.

Perhaps you have a social committee on hand to help or are lucky enough to have a full-time event planner. Or maybe, you have found yourself having to organise the next office party on top of your usual commitments.


SMS Marketing can help Corporate Events

How can SMS Help Corporate Event Attendance

You probably are already using emails or a digital calendar system. These are useful and do work, but can have fallbacks. We simply are not sat at our work systems 24/7. Not to mention, it can be easy to check a calendar and within a few hours, completely lose track of what your schedule is like. This is where using SMS comes in.



easily gather RSVP messages with SMS

Gather RSVPs with Ease

When you first organise your meeting you can send a text message to your colleagues requesting their attendance. It will take them seconds to read the message and reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’. And using a platform such as SMS Campaign, you can view who replied, when, and their response, all at a glance on the dashboard. Making it easy to keep track of numbers if you need to book a room, or organise catering.


tackle absence with text reminders

Tackle Tardiness and Absence with Text Reminders.

As for combating latecomers or no-shows, SMS can help here too. Just like you would send an email to delegates to organise the meeting, send a quick SMS message to remind them of the event. You can schedule this far in advance, and still have the message delivered a day, hours, or even minutes before the event is due to take place.

Not only that, but people typically have their phone to hand at all hours of the day. Whether at home or at work. Additionally, texts are read far more punctually and far more often than email. So if you do send a reminder or last-minute room change, you know that the message will be seen.


easily stay informed and inform others

Easily Stay Informed and Keep Others Informed

Additionally, your delegates and colleagues can use SMS to quickly and easily reply to you, wherever they may be. If they are held up in another meeting, or late arriving due to transport issues, they can keep you informed.


Corporate events can benefit from using SMS in the same ways that people do in daily life. Text messaging is vastly popular for how easy and quick it is. Not to mention, how accessible it is. Unrestricted by data limits, available to all mobile devices despite age or platform, and on hand (or in pocket) almost 24/7, it’s no wonder text messages have astronomically high read rates. Which makes it easier for you to contact your delegates, and easy for them to stay informed.

You can use SMS for a variety of purposes, to achieve many different aims.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of SMS marketing or gather ideas on how to use them, make sure to browse our blog. We have plenty of posts to point you in the right direction, including how to turn bulk SMS into powerful personalised messages. There’s sure to be useful tips and ideas for whatever event you’re planning.

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