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Creative Event Ideas to Theme Your Event

creative event ideas to theme your event

Crafting an event around a theme keeps the entire experience consistent and exciting. Using creative event ideas and themes can spark inspiration for content, venue and decor, whilst maintaining a consistent image.

There are more potential theme ideas to be used for events than we could possibly list. So we’ve compiled a short, sweet list of some popular and creative event ideas for you to read and get some inspiration for yourself and your next event. If you need other ideas for your event design plans, why not read our article about creative choices in lighting in event design?

Some of the most popular event themes feature instantly recognisable iconography. This helps to create vivid, identifiable decor and content for your event and guests.

So what are some of the best themes and creative event ideas you can make use of in your next event?


james bond event theme

James Bond

James Bond has long been a popular theme for events. Slick suits, martinis (Shaken, not stirred!), and beautiful cocktail dresses. James Bond makes a wonderful theme for events as it is well known and instantly recognisable. Not only is it familiar, it’s easy to incorporate into an event.


hollywood theme event


Hollywood makes a great theme for events due to the sheer glamour and variety it offers. It can be a broad theme, but from it, you can devise many event themes from it. For example, choosing a popular film franchise as your theme, or a specific decade in Hollywood history. Offer popcorn, set up some old-school stage lights, and roll out the red carpet. A Hollywood theme is charismatic, vivacious, and guaranteed to make your guests feel like a celebrity.


las vegas themed event

Las Vegas

Just like the themes mentioned above, Las Vegas is a great theme to use because it is so familiar to the majority of people. It offers a lot of visual, dazzling ideas for decor. If you think of Las Vegas, you think of the bright lights, mega casinos, grand hotels, and vibrant lifestyle. Using the city to inspire your event, you can transfer all of this energy and allure onto your event.


retro event design ideas


Everyone loves a throwback. Inject some nostalgia into your event to encourage engagement and excitement from your delegates. Like Hollywood, Retro can be used in a theme in itself, or you can take more specific theme ideas from it. Such as a specific decade to throwback to. You could use a sophisticated 40s theme, or perhaps a fun disco event in a throwback to the 70s.


colour themes and schemes for event design


A colour scheme can be a simple theme idea, but an effective way of bringing coherence to your event and content. Using colour to theme your event is one of the most creative event ideas that you can adapt as little or as much as you wish to. Say you decide to take ‘blue and white’ as your primary colour schemes, you can incorporate it throughout the venue. From the drapery to lighting, down to the food being served.


draw creative event ideas from your content

Theme it to your Content

You can be lucky and your event might theme itself. Depending on the style of your event, it might become clear that you can draw from your content to create a theme for your event. If you have a specific conference topic, or subject of discussion, then it is entirely possible to draw from this to inspire the overall concept of your event. For example, if your focus is on recycling, you can create a ‘green’ event. That could be green the colour or an environmental theme.


To help make an event successful, you need to create an engaging, enjoyable experience for your delegates. By using creative event ideas and incorporating a theme into your event, you can ensure that you make a more memorable and engaging experience for your guests. Using a theme can also give you great ideas for engaging content to promote your event. For some ideas on themed event communications, try substituting our Easter marketing ideas for whatever event you’re planning.


To ensure your creative event ideas are met with the audience you deserve, try using SMS Campaign to fill the room. We have loads of technological and marketing superpowers to help make your event a huge success.


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