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How to Incorporate Easter into Your Text Marketing

How to include Easter in your text marketing

If you’re planning or hosting an Easter event, don’t forget to let the theme influence your text marketing. Including theme, or mentioning a common holiday, is always a great way to inject feeling into your marketing. Including your theme in your marketing through techniques like the ones in this post will give your delegates an idea of what to expect in terms of tone, decor, and event.

Like many holidays, Easter is an egg-cellent reason to host an event, as well as a clear and fun theme for an event. And there’s no reason that you shouldn’t let that creep into your marketing strategies. 



Use graphics themed around the holiday in your text marketing.

Embed some Holiday Graphics into your Text Messages

This might not be the easiest example on the list, but it’s a great way to include holiday spirit in your promotions. Not to mention, it makes the theme clear with a visual cue.

From rabbits and chicks to chocolate and decorated eggs, Easter has a whole host of images paired with it. Including them in your marketing materials will clearly express to your delegates what to expect. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Using key phrases about the holiday is a great way to incorporate Easter into your text marketing.

Including Key Phrases is Key

Including Easter phrases into your text marketing is easy, and won’t cost you any more than sending your regular messages!

Sure, there are less well-known sayings paired with this holiday. ‘Happy Easter’ perhaps being the equivalent to ‘merry Christmas’, but there isn’t the huge amount of classic songs and carols to draw upon.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t key phrases and ideas you can use. They might be specifically connected to Easter or just the season. Things like ‘spring into action’ make great calls-to-action in texts. Or perhaps you offer a special discount for the holiday period, as a gift from the ‘Easter bunny’.


Wordplay injects creativity and fun into your text marketing.

Use Creative Wordplay in your Text Marketing

There is, however, an eggs-traordinary amount of phrases and puns you can work into your messages.

If you put in some eggstra effort, you might find one or two in this blog…

It doesn’t have to all be about eggs, either. Another example you could use is, ‘It’s not to chocoLATE to book your tickets!’ It’s a fun way to promote ticket sales and keep the Easter theme.

The joy of wordplay is the fun and creativity used to create it. And that sense of fun will come across to your readers and delegates. With wordplay, the only limit is your imagination and staying within the realms of understanding. (Don’t take it to the egg-streme…)


Puns aside, Easter makes a wonderful theme for an event and a great reason for contacting your delegates. Whether you’re promoting a specifically Easter event, or using the holiday to launch a special deal, it makes a great inclusion in your text marketing and event planning.

These ideas make great starting points for introducing ANY theme into your marketing. Bond to Baseball, there are loads of great themes you can use for an event. You can even use these three ideas for some of our other event theme ideas.

To make sure you reach out to your delegates this Easter, why not try SMS Campaign. We make all of your communications super. Call us today on +44 207 127 4304 or get in touch online today find out more about what we can offer you.

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