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Supercharge your Engagement with SMS for Events

How you can supercharge your engagement with SMS for events

For an event to have any sort of interest, let alone a legacy, it needs audience engagement. Without any engagement, who would come to the event? Let alone remember it. Using SMS for events is an effective way to increase your audience engagement and drive awareness and loyalty to your event company.

By using SMS, you have the power of the most accessible communication at your fingertips. We say accessible because so many people carry smartphones at all hours. Additionally, text messaging requires no additionally downloaded apps, isn’t reliant on wifi, and phones of all model and platform support it. Meaning you can get your message across.

If you’ve not used SMS to engage with your audience and excite them, you might not know where to start. Or, you might want ideas for your next event. So, we’ve written a few ideas of ways you can use SMS for events with the end goal of boosting your engagement.



Send Exclusive Offers via SMS

This is perhaps the most recognisable use of SMS in terms of boosting engagement. Send a text to your subscribers with an offer for your event. Maybe tickets, or a free drink, or bag of merchandise. If you offer something, it sparks interest and encourages engagement with you and your event even before the event takes place.



Host contests via SMS

Run Contests

This is very similar to the offer, except fewer people will receive a prize. Be it a free ticket, merchandise, or a treat from a service you’re working alongside. Contests are another way to ignite interest in your event before it happens and get your audience engaged.  



Create exclusivity with SMS for events

Make Your SMS Subscription Exclusive

This can be anything you offer to your SMS subscribers. From offers and contests to advice or a service, if you make it exclusive it draws attention and interaction. It also makes your contacts feel included and special, which is always good.



Use SMS for events and live interaction

Use SMS for Events to Create Live Interaction

This idea is a great way of using SMS for events. Depending on your event, you can use SMS to interact instantly with your delegates. Maybe ask them to text in and vote about a talk or topic that’s happening. Or you could run live polls, or just ask them why they’re thinking of the day. Because SMS is so quick, easy, and accessible, it makes a great tool for live interaction and engagement at your event.



Receive feedback via SMS messages

Gather Feedback Quickly and Easily Using Texts

This could be on the day or after, but feedback is always a good idea. Not only does it encourage your delegates to engage and share their opinions, but it’s useful for you to take their responses into account and make improvements for your next event. People like knowing their voice is heard, and matters. This makes feedback important in its own right, as well as an engagement idea.


Using SMS for events carries a host of benefits and great ideas that you can implement to increase your engagement. This has a knock-on effect in terms of boosting your audience and attendance. You can find out more here about the benefits of using promotional SMS for your event.

If you aren’t already, you should be using SMS for events you’re planning. Contact one of our evil geniuses today to find out what we can do for you.

Or make the most of our free event planning checklist to make your master plans a reality.



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