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How to Build and Benefit from a Strong Event Company Brand

how to build your event company brand

Building a brand is important whatever your industry. In terms of your event company, your brand is important to establish your identity and services to the client, and your events to your delegates and guests.

Think of any big or well-loved event from festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury, to sports events like Wimbledon, or even charity events like Comic Relief. These events have a defined identity, a whole culture surrounding them, and they evoke more than just a gig or tennis match.

We’re not saying you need to go big. But defining your brand will solidify your identity and make it clear to others what it is that you do.

So how do you do it?


know your goals as an event company

Know Your Goals

If you have a clear view of your goals, they’re easier to achieve. And if you have a muddled view of what your aims are as an event company, your clients will too.

You need to know what you want to deliver. The clearer it is to you, the clearer it will be to your clients and attendees. So whether you’re just starting out, or hosting your fiftieth event, make sure you have clear aims for what you want to deliver, and what your priorities are.



reach your event company's target audience

Know Your Target Audience

Getting a big audience is great, but if it’s the wrong crowd for the style or type of event you are hosting, you’ll have your work cut out. You want your event to be relevant and memorable.

Say you’re hosting comedy awards for young people, and the people you’ve invited are all middle-aged funeral directors. You know you’ve got the wrong crowd, and suddenly, your event isn’t going to have the impact and recognition it deserves. That’s an extreme example, but it makes it clear.


represent your event company brand

Represent Yourself and Your Event Company

After you have your aims in mind and your audience in sight, you need to make sure you’re representing yourself well. Not only does everything you say matter, but how you say it.

After the time spent researching and defining who you are and what you stand for, you can’t let it fall by the wayside. Establish a tone to use throughout your event company site and all communications that emphasise your personality and what your goal is. Make sure this identity is reflected in your design too, even down to choices like colour scheme and fonts.

Like dressing for the job you want, you need to dress your event company to reflect the events you create, and the users you connect with.


Get the Word Out

Communication is key. Your branding is itself a form of communication.

In the last paragraph, we mentioned using the right colours and fonts. That’s because these visual aspects help communicate your event company’s personality to anyone viewing your site or promotional materials.

Promotional materials themselves play a key role in building your brand. Good promotions get the word out about your event company and let people see your brand. You should have your brand built by this point, and your promotional campaigns both reflect your identity as well as communicate them to your audience. And after all that time spent looking into your target audience, it would be a shame to miss them because you didn’t promote yourself to them.


We know a lot of great ways to promote your event company and your next event. SMS Campaign provides you with the tools to identify your target audience and most successful communications. That’s all in addition to being able to reach the people you want to instantly.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can take your campaigns to the next level and strengthen your event company brand.

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