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Three Reasons Why Event Photography Should be Essential

Why should event photography be essential

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And in the case of event photography, it has never been truer.

Of course, hiring a professional photographer will free you from having to worry about getting great shots yourself. Not to mention, the quality of the images will be far higher in terms of content and composition, and resolution.

Regardless of whether you’re a small event with a minuscule budget taking photos on a phone, or a large conference with cash to splash on a professional photographer, event photography is worth investing in.


Event photographs make great promotional materials.

The Publicity and Promotional Potential of Photography

Perhaps the biggest reason to include event photography is for the potential photographs have as content.

From blog and social media posts to emails, invites and leaflets. Whether you’re planning any online or printed promotion, photos provide detailed visual content that really is worth a thousand words.


Including a photo in your posts and promotions can communicate how it looked and felt to be at the event. Thus letting delegates who attended to connect with the image and recall how their experiences, and to clearly let others know what they missed and entice them to attend next time.

And if you are planning a future event, photographs from past events provide great promotional material to showcase what to expect, even if you haven’t got your schedule confirmed.

Not only do photographs prove invaluable for promoting your event, but also yourself. Imagine being able to show your boss or friend a photo of a packed room of an event you organised? Not only can they take your word on how the day went, but see for themselves. And the camera never lies!



Having event photography means you can capture the moment.

Capturing the Moment 

As we hinted above, photography is an easy and effective way to capture the moment. Making it a great way to show off your event to others and interest them in your future events.

Not only that, but photography is a great way to document your event. By capturing the moment in a snapshot, you record in detail what your event looked like, what it contained, how it unfolded, and how it felt. Leaving you with an accurate record of the day and its successes.



Event photograph is easy to incorporate.T

There’s No Reason Event Photography Shouldn’t be Essential

From professional event photography to amateur shots on your smartphone. There’s no reason why some form of event photography shouldn’t be included and essential.

If your event or budget is small, you can still incorporate photography in easily. Ask an intern or a volunteer to take a few photos on a borrowed camera or phone, or even do it yourself. Most smartphones now boast great cameras, making it ridiculously easy to take photos without any experience or equipment. Not to mention, the resolution is often good enough to be used on social media.

Of course, if you’re running any printed adverts, you will need a higher resolution. So either get a hold of a good quality camera or hire a professional if you have plans to print any of your images.



Event photography is well worth investing a bit of your budget in. The professional photographs you will have of your event are an investment in themselves. DGTLMedia explains why in their article.  But to summarise, event photography is worth investment as promotional material and as a record of your event. But even if you don’t have the budget, or perhaps think your event is too small to justify a professional, you can still get some great snapshots on your phone, or your own camera.

There are other elements of planning an event where you can choose whether you hire a professional or not. We’ve had a quick look at why hiring professional event catering companies can work out better for your budget previously on our blog.


Regardless of if you can hire a professional or not, including event photography as part of your event and event planning should be essential.

If you want to know more about what to include and how to get organised when it comes to planning your next event, why not check out our free event planning checklist? It’s completely free and sure to help you keep on track for a successful event. Download it today using the button below!



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