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Three Super Easy Tricks to Using Event SMS

How to use SMS in event management

There are a variety of ways to use event SMS services to make the process of planning and executing an event easier. Event planning and event management can get pretty stressful. So it might come as a surprise that something as short and simple as a text message could make so many processes simpler.

One way that you can use SMS for your events is to boost your engagement. We’ve got a few ideas on what you can do to enhance your engagement and capture the attention of loyal and new subscribers.

But what other ways can event SMS services be used to make the process of event planning simpler?


You can promote your event through SMS marketing and extend your audience.

Extend Your Audience and Promote Your Event

The most obvious use of SMS for events is to promote your event. You can use some of our tactics to build your base of subscribers from the above blog post and extend your audience. But whether your subscribers are old or new, they’re hardly likely to ignore a text! When was the last time you received a text and didn’t open and read it?

You can use text messages to advertise your event from the start of the planning process. You can also use it closer to the event date to send a quick reminder to your delegates, and ensure maximum attendance on the day.



Use sms to organise your staff.

Organise your Staff Using SMS

It can be hard to keep track of plans and tasks in the back and forth of emails. And with unreliable data and wifi, it can sometimes be hard to even reach people. So why not use texts to keep up with your staff and volunteers?

Delegate tasks instantly over texts, and get replies when you need them. The fact SMS is standard on all mobiles and so simple and quick to write and send, they are an ideal form of communication. Not to mention how much easier it is to keep track of conversation than via email!



Use SMS Messages to include co-marketing.

Incorporate Co-Marketing into Your Event SMS

This is a more recent and quite creative use of event SMS is that you can incorporate into your event. It’s also a great way to get the word out about any sponsors or partners you might have.

Say you have a ‘big company’ coming to your event. Maybe they’re a guest speaker or have a stand. To get the word out, all you need do is send a simple text to your subscribers directing them to them! It can even be so simple as, “Hey! ‘Big company’ are here with us from 10am in the main marquee. Be sure to stop by!” Now obviously, that’s a very short, plain example. You can make it more exciting, and specific.



There’s no limit to how you can use your event SMS service, but your own imagination. Even the 160 character limit can be extended! SMS makes communications accessible, reliable, fast, and effective. If you can think of any way you’re communicating, there’s probably a way that you can streamline it by texting. In fact, there are a whole host of benefits of using SMS to promote your event.

Whatever it is you have to say, say it through SMS. And it’s bound to be seen by everyone you want it to reach.

We’ve included some of the ways you can use text messaging in your event planning in our free event checklist. It’s available for anyone to use and is sure to help you keep organised and on track whatever event you’re planning. Download it today using the button below, and try it out for yourself!



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