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What Is Experiential Marketing And What Does It Do?

what is experiential marketing and why use it?

One of the recent buzzwords of the marketing industry is “experiential marketing”, and the ideas of “experience”. But what constitutes as experiential marketing, and what benefits does it have? Read on to find out.

What is experiential marketing?
What is experiential marketing?

It has been said we are established in a digital age but the age of experience is now upon us. But what is experiential marketing? And why has focus now turned towards it?

Sense London, experts at experiential marketing, have a clear, succinct definition. At its most basic, experiential marketing is “Experiential marketing is a marketing technique that creates experiences between brands and consumers.”

As for the “age of experience”, it simply refers to a growing trend of customers valuing their experiences most. And as a result, a brand’s focus on creating memorable experiences for their customers that immerse them in the brand. Therefore, brands must do more to engage with customers and ensure they are deploying the correct resources to create these experiences. These resources may be technology, sensory signals, events, and any aspect of their marketing strategy.

The purpose of experiential marketing
What does experiential marketing do

The aim of experiential marketing is to immerse a customer in some kind of experience they can interact with in order to develop their awareness and relationship with a brand. The interactive element means that items of content marketing – such as social media and blogs – do not come under the definition. However, they can still be used as part of the experience

Why should you use experiential marketingWhy should brands bother with experiences

Most industries face a lot of noise and competition, and in this environment, focus on experience can help your business be noticed.

Not to mention that the age of social media means that if a customer has a particularly good – or bad – experience with your brand, it has the potential to go viral.


Experiential marketing offers the unique advantage of letting your customers to “feel” your brand. This can allow for real connections to be made, and for people to become truly invested in your business. Offering a unique, memorable experience also helps you to be heard above the noise of a competitive industry.

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