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You can sign-up for an account on our website, Click the ‘villain’s login’ icon in the top right corner. You should see the options to log-in or sign-up. Simply select ‘sign-up’ and enter your details.

SMS Campaign is designed to be incredibly easy to use.  We include a how-to guide with all subscriptions, as well as many video tutorials on how to use the SMS Campaign platform.

Therefore, we do not have any dedicated online training.

We’ve tailored our packages around the different requirements of events according to their scale. For detailed information on each package and who they are designed for check:

As a rule of thumb, the packages are scaled by the number of contacts, and size of the event.

For detailed information on how to create or schedule a campaign, refer to our ‘Campaigns’ section of our how-to guide.  Or  view our video.

Login to your account > schedule > calendar >select time > enter message.

Our how-to guide has detailed information on viewing upcoming and past campaigns. Refer to the ‘Campaigns’ section of the guide.

Log in to your account > schedule > calendar > select the campaign you wish to view.

If you are on our trial package ‘The Room’, or our ‘Seminar’ package, you won’t have access to analytics tools. If you would like to make use of them, consider upgrading to the ‘Conference’ package.

Our terms of use can be found in our ‘terms & conditions’ under section 3.

We ask that all users register with correct details, and uphold all rules and regulations as outlawed by law and will not use the service for ‘spam’, unlawful activity, or any activity that might bring SMS Campaign into disrepute.

All of our packages run on a monthly subscription service.

Yes, you can cancel your account and use of SMS Campaign services at any time.

When you cancel a subscription, then the subscription will be cancelled on the next renewal date. You can keep on using your subscriptions and features up to the next renewal date.

To cancel your subscription, log in to your account and go to your ‘account’ panel.

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription at any time.

Upgrading a subscription will happen immediately, and you will have access to additional SMS messages and features according to your new subscription.

All our contact details are listed here.


Phone: +44 207 127 4304


You can find information on laws and regulations, and proper user conduct, in our ‘Terms & Conditions’ under Section 3 and 4.

Yes, there are. Please refer to sections 3 and 4 of our ‘Terms and Conditions’.

You must abide Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, the regulations set out by The General Data Protection Regulation, and other EU data protection law.

You must also ensure you abide by England and Wales law and regulations.

You must agree not to transmit any material which violates England and Wales law, instructions, regulations or guidelines issued by regulatory authorities, relevant licenses and other codes of practice.

You must not transmit any material or content that is a contravention to any privacy or copyright rules or any other proprietary interest.

‘Spam’ text or SMS messages are unsolicited junk messages sent via text.

SMS Campaign does not tolerate ‘spam’ messaging and will close the account of any user or organisation sending unsolicited bulk messages.

Yes, it is imperative that you have the express permission of your contacts to send them any messages.

Any unsolicited messages are classed as ‘spam’ and will not be tolerated.
Additionally, in accordance with GDPR (enforceable from 25th May 2018,) all phone numbers that you contact must have given their explicit, expressed consent.

For more information on GDPR, see our article here:

GDPR stands for ‘The General Data Protection Regulation’, a new EU legislation adopted in 2016, and enforceable as of May 2018.
It is a new series of regulations intended to replace the Data Protection Directive and extend existing EU data protection laws.

For more information on GDPR, see our article here:

Text Marketing

Text marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is the use of text messaging to send marketing messages and content.

For more detail on what text marketing is and how it works, you can read our blog post here:

Text marketing provides a fast and effective marketing and communication method, with far greater read and response rates than any other form of electronic communication.

We have many blog posts outlining why you should use text marketing and its benefits. Search our blog here:
For an outline of what promotional SMS is, and how it can benefit your company, read our blog post here:

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