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Is There a Place for Funny Texts or Humour in Business Communications?

how to send funny texts

Is there a place for humour in your communications plan? Perhaps not a string of jokes or funny texts, but humour can definitely have a place in any communications.

When talking to anyone outside of your business, be it a customer or another organisation, you want to give a great impression and build a rapport.

Being stiff and formal isn’t always the way forward. It can be appropriate and the best voice in a situation, of course. The same can be said for fun and amicable ways of speaking.

Here are some key ideas on how you can make your voice your own, and build rapport with clients or subscribers.

should you use funny texts in business
Hitting the Right Tone in Texts

To sound professional, having a consistent tone throughout your site and content is key.

However, when communicating with people on a one on one basis, you don’t want to sound like you’re reciting a script, or emulating one.

You need to gauge the tone of the conversation. If your customer is new and formal, it’s good to be warm but formal in return. You want to welcome them, but not misfire by going for a quip they might not understand.

If you have a customer who is more laid back, and perhaps jovial and jokey themselves, it can be good to reciprocate. Humour and happiness are positive emotions, and ones you probably want your customers to feel when they think about you and your company.

Unless you work for a funeral company, then a quick quip or funny texts isn’t appropriate. But it should be clear from your organisation services and products where you should be on the scale of formal and fun.

Tone can be tricky. It is a good idea to have key phrases and ideas to follow when communicating, but you can’t be restricted by a script or key framework. Your customers and clients can see past that. People are savvy, and they will know when you are just regurgitating stock lines and answers.


use funny texts and tone to build rapport
Match the Tone of the Recipient

There are no set rules about what tone you should use when communicating with your customers. And there is no single tone of voice that will be perfect for every single person.

But knowing where to pitch when it comes to your tone can be tricky. However there is one trick to getting it right, and that’s emulating the tone that the customer is using.

Try to match the attitude and language they use when communicating with you. If they’re formal, return it. If they’re chatting and joking with you, reciprocate that warmth and humour!

But whatever you do, do not become a clone or actively mirror the customer. It’s obviously false and will turn people away. You would be bored, or even disturbed,  very quickly if you had someone mimic you like a parrot.

Just follow your gut. And don’t think too much about it as a practice. We pick up linguistic traits and nuances of tone in conversation with people day-to-day, usually without trying. You find yourself talking in a similar way to your friends when you go out together, for example.

It’s a simple guideline to help measure your relationship with another person and maintain an appropriate tone of voice in your conversations.


can you use funny texts in business
Where Can You be Funny? Should You use Funny Texts?

The humour in your communications can be wherever you want it to be. The key is to make sure it is appropriate and used appropriately. Don’t joke with a customer, or use anything too far-fetched if it is entirely incoherent with the rest of your brand and communications.

If you have a light-hearted style and fun product, it can make a lot of sense to have a light-hearted, fun personality when it comes to your communications. Be it by sending funny texts that include a quip alongside a discount, or product release.

Some brands have even succeeded in making their communications and marketing fun. Think of giant companies like Innocent drinks, or Virgin. They use humour and quirkiness to craft a strong identity for themselves, that people connect to and enjoy.


Your customers and clients are people just like you, with individual personalities and ways of speaking. You need to be confident in your own company identity, and able to project that whilst remaining human.

So there can be a place for funny texts, or jokes in broadcasts. As long as you keep it appropriate and simple. Another tone and type of text to make use of in business communications is a thank you text. You can read our blog post about the importance and place of thank you text messages here.

To find out more about how you can improve your communications, get in touch with SMS Campaign. We help you get your message heard.

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