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How to Grow Your Mobile Phone Number List

How to Grow Your Mobile Phone Number List

SMS marketing is an important tool to connect your business with your users. SMS is another way of saying text messaging, and is another way for your business to communicate with customers. It’s a useful tool, given millions of people have a mobile phone to hand throughout the day.

In fact, it’s estimated that 4.77 BILLION people own a mobile phone, with that figure looking to skyrocket to well over 5 billion by 2019. With the means to communicate quickly and effectively to users literally in the palm of their hand, it makes sense to make the most of it.

Having an SMS campaign in place is an efficient way to communicate to your users, build brand loyalty, and drive interest and sales. That’s in addition to being another string to your marketing bow, which always benefits your business.

Getting Started Using SMS

To make the most of all these benefits, you first need to build a base of SMS subscribers. But where do you start? If you’re not sure about what text or SMS marketing really is, it’s worth reading about their definition and use.

Just like gathering emails from interested customers, companies should consider collecting telephone numbers. But in both of these situations, it’s important to remain within data protection regulations.

To help get you started, we’re going to talk about some of the ways that you can collect mobile phone numbers and how you can grow your mobile phone numbers list.

Consumers safeguard their mobile phone numbers as something personal, and quite understandably. So an interested customer might be more hesitant to hand over their phone number to their email. Therefore they must place a lot of trust in your company to give their number and do so with some expectations.

One expectation is that you comply with data protection laws, and secondly, there is an incentive to use SMS rather than other channels, like social media or email.

Additionally, the last thing a consumer will want from giving their phone number is being sent a plethora of messages of no real value to them. It’s going to disconnect them from your business, which is the opposite of what SMS marketing should do.

From these expectations, we can take two cornerstones to use when trying to build your mobile phone base, which will bring the best out of SMS for you and your users.

  1. Don’t message too frequently.

    Use messages sparingly, for priority communications to the customer, and offers.

  2. Bring in incentives.

    Make a reason for consumers to want to be added to the phone numbers list. There must be something on offer through SMS different to what you have made available elsewhere.

With these guidelines in mind, there are a few different ideas you can use to encourage users to give your company their mobile phone number and grow your phone numbers list.


One way to encourage your users or consumers to sign up using their mobile phone number

There are various different ways you can use this idea for your business, other than simply offering regular deals. For example, you could send out freebies on a customer’s birthday, or to mark an anniversary between them and your company. Not only do these sorts of perks bring in new customers and help grow your phone numbers list, but it makes them feel valued, and encourages brand loyalty.


This idea is similar to the above, but instead of deals, you can encourage people to offer their number to be able to enter into exclusive mobile-only competitions. Again, there are many different ways this idea can be used. For example, you could hold regular competitions that are exclusive to your SMS customers, which they are entitled to simply by giving their phone number. Or, you could encourage users to sign up using their phone number in order to be entered into a competition. Both of these are regularly used by companies to encourage consumers to sign-up using their phone numbers. And not only does this mean you get to grow your database of phone numbers, but your consumers get to be more involved and engaged with your company. In situations like this, everyone is a winner!

Sign-Up Process

A simple solution to grow your mobile phone number list base is to simply include taking phone contact details as part of the sign-up process. This makes giving a phone number as easy as giving an email. And if the form allows the option to opt in or out of certain communications, people will be more inclined to sign up. And because it is part of the process, it can be done in the physical business, online, or over the phone. As long as you ensure customers that you will keep their details safe, they will be happy to hear from you.


Whatever way you take a person’s contact details, you must guarantee their privacy and safety of their details. You must also be perfectly clear about what it is you are offering, and that they need to opt-in to using SMS to take advantage of offers or receive messages.

You MUST pay due diligence to the laws regarding data protection, and uphold them. So before you venture into SMS marketing, be sure to do your research and make sure you are fulfilling all of your legal obligations.

Keeping up with the legal side isn’t only obligatory, but it is also part of encouraging consumers to share their contact details with you. If a customer knows their details are safe, they won’t have an issue of passing them onto your company.  And if your business can offer the consumer something, let alone an incentive to be in regular contact with you, they will want to know more about your brand and what you can do for them.

As much as this article is about growing your phone numbers list, it needs to be said that you are obliged to offer transparency to your consumers, and the option to opt-out if SMS communication. You need to have the consent of a user before contacting them through SMS, and in every communication, offer the option to unsubscribe from receiving SMS messages.

Not only is using SMS a great way to build your consumer base, and communicate to them through another platform. But it’s a way to encourage your users to engage with your business. By using SMS, you keep communications short and sweet, and infrequent, so people won’t be turned away from your brand. And if you offer exclusives for SMS customers, more people will be inclined to sign up and grow your audience. Meaning you reach more people and can make your loyal customers feel valued. Not only will this grow your mobile phone number list, but it will grow your outreach and engagement with consumers, new and old.

SMS is a great tool in marketing your business, and well worth looking into. Reading and replying to texts is quick and easy, and become integrated into our daily lives. So why should your business’s communications be any different?


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