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Meet the SMS Campaign Supervillains: V. Villainy

SMS Campaign Villains: V. Villainy

Over the last few weeks, we have interspersed our regular content with blog posts introducing our SMS Campaign supervillains. And in the process, explaining why we have decided to change our brand identity. This post will introduce “V. Villainy”, and marks the final supervillain blog. But you can expect to see more quirky characters and fiendish tales in the future.

But if you’re impatient and want to know more about why we have chosen to don capes, and who all these cartoon villains are, you can check our ‘Alter Egos’ page. For now let us introduce to you, V. Villainy


SMS Campaign Supervillains: V Villainy

Meet V. Villainy

You might not believe it at first glance, but V. Villainy is far more than what you would expect. He looks like any other man, but the cheeky grin and sparkle in the eye can hide a multitude of secrets. Not to mention, hold back reality.

He seems stronger than an average person, smarter too. His logical brain and quick thinking would rival a computer. Or maybe, there is something artificial about this intelligence.

V. Villainy has no birth name. The branded number on his arm, V25-666-V, marks him out for what he truly is. A prototype human-like robot, destined for testing the boundaries of machine learning and the capabilities of technology. Created by none other than the technological mastermind, Doctor DeVos.

Developed and shaped by the genius and his emerging evil empire, V25 was the ‘perfect’ example of man and machine in harmony and would advance the doctor’s research further than ever, using his artificial intelligence and fabricated humanity to make huge technological leaps.

And he did.

V25 started as an experiment but became much more. Not only was he as intelligent as the most sophisticated computers, but he had increased strength and stamina compared to a human, making him indispensable to the evil league. Having no real name, he adopted a quip a witness made on twitter about the robot being, “v, v villainous” and so V. Villainy was “born”.


SMS Campaign: Vivek Chaudhari

The Man Behind the Mask

Vivek is our resident web dev genius here at SMS Campaign. He finds great joy in developing people’s thoughts and ideas into functioning, fascinating websites and apps. Apparently, coding is also quite fun when you get into it, (but we’ll take his word on that!)

Outside of work, Vivek has a big love of films and literature, often escaping into other worlds. Animated films and tv shows are a firm favourite. Maybe one day he and Sunil will delve into the animating world themselves, bringing even more life to our villains…


Here ends the ‘origins’ story of V. Villainy (and Vivek,) but it definitely isn’t the end of the tale.

To find out more about the team behind SMS Campaign, keep an eye out for future blog posts introducing our supervillains, and their everyday alter egos. In the meantime, you can find out about the company story, and those of the villains, on our website.

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