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Meet the SMS Campaign Supervillains: the Mistry Man

Meet the Mistry Man

It’s about time we introduced our rebrand properly, and with it, our team of supervillains who mastermind SMS Campaign.

Over the next few weeks, we will be interspersing our regular content with blog posts introducing our supervillains. And in the process, explaining why we have decided to change our identity.

But if you’re impatient and want to know more about why we have chosen to don capes, and who all these cartoon villains are, you can check our ‘Alter Egos’ page.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the second of our friendly supervillains. You’ve already met Doctor DeVos, one of the two who head the evil league. Now it’s time to meet his partner in crime.


The Mistry Man

Meet the Mistry Man

The early origins of this supervillain remain a mystery, rather aptly given the name of the villain in question. Some believe he was born with his abilities, whereas others wonder if it was the result of some mutation or experimentation. One thing is for certain, the man is exceptional.

The mystery of Mistry became woven into his persona. His telekinetic and telepathic powers only add to the evolving aura of unknown. Those who meet him might mysteriously forget. Or more characteristically, they never do. He sears his image into their mind and influences them for his own needs. He can also anticipate everything they will want, do, and say. Making him an indispensable ally in a quest for world domination.

The Mistry Man was the one who realised that all other villains fail in their quest for world domination, as they vie for physical power and control. Instead, he opted for a more subtle technique. By always being on people’s minds, he has a degree of power over them.

He and Doctor DeVos realised this was the way to true world domination. Doctor DeVos would create the ultimate communicative device to allow the Mistry Man to use his powers on a huge scale and reach every person within a country, and then the world.

With a message spread by a telepathic mastermind, able to win the allegiance of anyone, they are sure to succeed. And combined with the powerful technology, able to broadcast their message across the globe, their ambitions may soon be realised…


Raj Mistry

The Man Behind the Mask

The team member this supervillain is based upon is none other than Raj Mistry. Raj is the real-life partner in crime to Thomas, so it makes sense for Doctor DeVos and the Mistry Man to be a terrible twosome as well.

Raj is an avid sportsman, particularly football. And we joke if he had any superpower, it would be to win the premier league. He’s also a bit of a thrillseeker, having been skydiving, and a jet setter, most recently having travelled to South Africa and Las Vegas.

Raj is the only UK team member who doesn’t own a pair of dogs. He does, however, have a pair of children. (Although we would advise you don’t try to get them to sit on command…)

Aside from being our company director, Raj also runs his own company, P. R. Plastic Recycler Ltd. Doing his bit to save the world, and making use of plastic scrap. You could say, he’s actually a bit of a superhero.

Here ends the ‘origins’ story of the Mistry Man (and Raj,) but it definitely isn’t the end of the tale. Raj remains an active part of SMS Campaign as the company director. Whereas there is no telling what masterminded schemes the Mistry Man is developing…

To find out more about the team behind SMS Campaign, keep an eye out for future blog posts introducing our supervillains, and their everyday alter egos. In the meantime, you can find out about the company story, and those of the villains, on our website.

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