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Busting Text Marketing Myths: Myth 5 – Text Marketing is Expensive

Is text marketing expensive?

One of the few daily routines most people share is checking their phone. And with the wide availability of mobiles, we are becoming more connected than ever. In fact, SMS messaging – better known as text messaging – is the most popular form of communication.

Yet when it comes to using texts as part of your business communications, sometimes eyebrows raised and several myths might be brought up.

They’re myths for a reason. And we are working to debunk some of the most prevalent SMS marketing myths.

In this post, we’re going to tackle a fifth myth surrounding SMS marketing and answering the question, is text marketing expensive.

  Myth 5: Text marketing is expensive 

Without knowing your business’s budget, I can’t tell you if any marketing tool is expensive or not. If you have a small company with limited funds or reducing your budget, then investing money each month for ANY marketing tool could be seen as expensive.

However, as with most services, the price range for text marketing is varied. Not only between providers, but between their own offerings. Here at SMS Campaign, we have price bands ranging from £1.99 to £319.99 according to the number of contacts and range features. (And there is even a service with a price calculated according to the service you request.)

Obviously, for a small business, the larger prices will seem expensive. But for a large company, it is more affordable. On the other hand, a small company with simpler needs and requiring fewer features will find they can use the cheaper packages and still receive great results. It all depends on what you need, and what you use to determine the value of your investment.

Email marketing can be expensiveEmail marketing can be expensive

Another common communications tool for businesses is an email marketing software. Like text marketing, the prices vary according to the provider. The price also is also similarly affected by the tools and features you choose. (For example, the $50 a month to $2000 a month jump seen in Hubspot!)

This means that you will still find some marketing tools will be expensive, regardless of the method of communication. And regardless of if you plan to use texts or not, you will need to determine how much you are willing to spend and how you plan to measure the value of the tools you have used.

Is Your Marketing Expensive, or Just Poor Value?

In my opinion, when people claim any marketing tool is expensive, they actually mean that it isn’t good value for their money. Depending on what KPI you use to evaluate your successes, you will see different results to another company using the same tools but following other indicators of success. For example, if you value direct leads over read rates, you will naturally see that you might need a higher spend to reach the response you want.

Any marketing tool you choose to buy should be seen as an investment. Text marketing especially can prove a valuable addition, being able to not only offer another channel to talk to your customers but also as an asset to your marketing arsenal, supporting your other tools. For example, if you’ve seen that your email campaigns aren’t seeing the success they once were, using texts alongside your emails might help to boost your open rates.

Whatever marketing channel you choose to use, you will find a vast range of providers available, each offering many services at differing prices. But with research into what features you really need and how many people you will be contacting, you are sure to find a service at a great price.

To find out more about the potential and value of text marketing, contact our team today. You can also browse our own price ranges here.

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