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What are the Perks of SMS Marketing

sms marketing is fast and efficient

Why do so many people wrongfully believe that SMS marketing is SPAM? SMS marketing adheres to the rules and regulations of permission-based marketing. In layman’s terms, customers will have to give their consent before getting a SMS message from you. New subscribers can easily opt-in through a web widget, include their phone number when filling out forms, or send a text and ask to join. When new customers ask to join, they get a confirmation to their subscription.

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people still read texts these days. Studies have shown that 90% of text messages received via a smartphone are read by the receiver within 3 minutes. One third of the people targeted for a SMS marketing campaign read their texts, and what’s even more incredible is that nearly half of these people choose to buy.

perks of sms marketing

Texts messages have a limit of 160 characters. Basically, you have 160 characters available to provide the most irresistible offer to a prospective customer. It should be enough. Those that subscribe to your SMS marketing campaign want to know about your offer, not about your long-term business goals.

Why should you integrate mobile into a marketing campaign?

Prior to integrating mobile into a marketing campaign, you have to start with some basic facts and settle on a “who-what-how” plan of action for your mobile marketing strategy. Find a way to answer the following questions and you’ll get all the answers that you need.

  • Who are your prospects?
  • Who do you want to appeal to with a SMS marketing campaign?
  • Who might have an interest to read your mobile content?
  • What needs and expectations does your target audience have?
  • How do you inspire your prospects? How do you compel them to get more involved?
  • How will you craft sharing opportunities?

A productive SMS marketing campaign needs to be clearly defined in order to work. Do you plan on generating leads, making sales, or boosting the amount of people that sign up to your newsletter? Efficient communication is fundamental when attempting to build long-term relationships. Since SMSs are personal messages sent by you or your company, it goes without saying that a SMS marketing campaign can help foster those relationships. Keep them informed and send them thank you messages following a purchase. Let them know first about upcoming promotional offers, and look after them if you want them to stick around.

sms marketing is fast and efficient

SMS marketing is both fast and efficient

What’s great about SMS marketing is that it permits companies to reach out to a lot of people at the same time. However, for your campaign to thrive you have to make sure your message is sent to the right audience. Nowadays, everybody keeps their phones nearby, meaning that it’s easier than ever to communicate with prospects via text. A major perk of SMS marketing is that it can have an amazing potential when integrated into additional marketing campaigns. Traditional media and social media are not enough to reach out to customers on time.  But when adding SMS marketing into the mix, your chances to engage an audience and making them listen to what you have to say can be done a lot more seamless.

It’s fundamental that all marketing channels that you plan to use work very well together within the digital marketing mix. SMS has to be properly integrated, too. Otherwise it won’t work, even though many of us see SMS marketing as an excellent standalone channel. However, SMS can boost and support additional marketing mediums, email and social media included, making it unstoppable.

SMS marketing is as an excellent opportunity to boost brand engagement with your prospects across a customer lifecycle. Companies should keep in mind that they have to make sure their content is as diversified as possible. Even though some may believe that texting is intrusive, when done right SMS can actually be extremely efficient.

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