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Promote Your Event and Build Excitement Early Using SMS Marketing

how to promote your event using sms marketing

If you’re in the process and planning an event, but have no confirmed schedule or content, you might wonder how you can even begin to promote it. SMS marketing doesn’t need a vast swathe of content due to the nature of the communication, making it perfect for the early stages of promotion. 

There is actually still a lot you can say to your delegates to get them thinking ahead and build excitement for your event. Not to mention, you can use even your earliest communications to help build a strong event company brand. Which will benefit you beyond your first event, for the lifetime of your company.


examples of sms marketing messages
Deliver the Important Details

Not only are the important details of your event vital to communicate to your guests, they can begin drawing interest and excitement for the day. You should include the date and time of the event and the venue as a minimum.

But if you still haven’t confirmed a venue, but have the date and theme, that’s more than enough to use to create an exciting promotion for your delegates.


what to say in an sms marketing message
What, Where, When, Who?

This leads on from the previous paragraph. Keeping these four questions in mind can provide a rich quantity of content for you to use in your promotions.
 is your event theme? Or aims? What is the content based around? Tell this to your delegates!

Where: Venues are locked down early in the planning process, so be sure to pass the location on to your guests. Failing that, if you know it will take place in a certain city or town, share that! Perhaps combine it with your slogan or a reasonable claim, “Birmingham’s premier networking event” or “London’s biggest food festival”.

When: When is your event? If you have the day or days already set in stone, great! Having the definite date for your delegates tells them important information they need to attend, as well as building excitement. If not, why not combine the season and a reasonable claim? “Manchester’s Favourite Summer Dog Show!”, or something along those lines.

Who: If you have your guests or exhibitors already planned and booked, that makes great promotional content. Excite your guests about knowing what and who they will get to see! Failing that, just inform them of generally who to expect without making a specific promise. “Car dealers” or “dog groomers” or “finest chefs”, whoever you plan to approach!

You could also talk about who you’re planning to invite. You will excite your guests if they are your ideal audience, it will feel as though the event was made just for them!

use past event materials to promote your event
Promote Using Past Events

If your event is one of a series of events, you can use footage, quotes and content from the previous event in order to promote the newest one.

You could use SMS marketing message to quickly contact your previous delegates to promote the new event. Along the lines of, “Hey! If you loved ‘X Event’, you’ll love this new one!” Loyal guests know what to expect from your event, so even the basic details will pique their interest.


only use reasonable claims in sms marketing messages
Use Reasonable Claims in SMS Marketing

If your event is brand new, you can make reasonable claims in order to promote it. For example, you can say there will be “beautiful banquets” or “food fit for a king all weekend” if you are running a food festival. Making a general, non-quantifiable statement about your theme or content is a great way to pique interest and give an idea of what’s going to be happening. Even in the earliest planning stages. Just don’t mislead your guests, or promise anything you cannot deliver.


Whatever event you’re planning, and whatever stage you’re at, it’s always worth using SMS Marketing to quickly and easily build interest for your event. Excite your delegates even before you have a specific schedule or content planned for the big day.

Using SMS Campaign makes setting up or using SMS Marketing a breeze. There is a package tailored to your needs, whatever event you are planning. Furthermore, SMS Marketing makes promoting your event, whatever it is and at whatever stage, easy and effective.

To find out more about our plans and prices, you can view all of our packages here. Try one today and see how you can use SMS marketing to enhance your event planning.

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