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The Stunning Reasons You Should Use Promotional SMS For Your Event

how to use promotional sms

In daily life, text messaging is the easiest, fastest way to communicate. Using text messages to send promotional SMS messages for your event is no different.  It means you can quickly and easily build your subscribers, and increase your engagement. This brings some amazing benefits to your event. You can read about the benefits of using SMS for events here.

For now, let’s tackle the questions; what is a promotional SMS? And How can it benefit your event?


what is promotional sms

What is a Promotional SMS?

A promotional SMS is a text message to promote your product, service, or company. You can send them as a one-off, or as part of a campaign. There are loads of ways you could use SMS messages for promotional purposes. It could be an alert for an event, an offer on tickets or drinks, or even a competition. SMS is accessible and instant, meaning you can get creative with how you use them.


why should you use promotional sms messages

Why You Should Use Them

From your perspective, SMS messages are quick and easy to create and send. As a subscriber, they’re direct, simple, and accessible. Texting in business should be no more difficult than texting in daily life. This makes promotional SMS messages a great addition to your event marketing campaign.

But other than being short and sweet, instant and accessible, what makes SMS so great?


using promotional sms can extend your audience

Extend Your Audiences

Using SMS for your event is amazing at increasing your attendance. There are different ways you can use your messages to do this, but they all achieve the effect.

One example is to send a text message to your subscribers to alert them to an event when it is announced. This is far more likely to be seen than a social media post or email. Therefore it will reach more people to promote your event more effectively. Being seen by more people simply means you will attract more attention and interested attendees. And there you have one way a simple SMS has boosted your attendance!


sending promotional sms can increase event attendance

Increased Attendance

You can increase attendance by sending a text message the day before your event. The text can simply remind guests of the venue location and time. Not only does this ensure they are more likely to arrive, but consequently any on-the-fence subscribers can check their diaries and visit if they’re free, or on a whim. Either way, it means that guests have all the information they need and are more likely to attend your event.


is promotional sms messaging worthwhile

Simply Amazing

Sending out promotional SMS messages is simply amazing. This is because they are simple and do amazing things. The fact that texting is almost second-nature, you might struggle to believe that such a simple, everyday way of communication can be extremely powerful. But it is.

To learn more about other ways SMS can benefit your event, check our blog post here: https://smscampaign.co.uk/sms-benefits-events/

Texting is far more accessible and accessed form of communication than another platform. This is because text messages have a near guarantee of being opened and read. People open and read SMS messages 98% of the time. That’s a staggering difference to email, which is only read 20% of the time.

To put that simply, a promotional SMS will always be read when sent. That means that whatever you have to say will reach more people that you want to attract to your event. Therefore, you boost your engagement and attendance.



Whatever kind of event you might be planning, there are creative and effective ways you can use SMS to reap amazing benefits. Talk to us today about starting your SMS campaign, and see for yourself what it can bring to your event.

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