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The Benefits of SMS Campaign for your Business Networking Event

How to improve your networking event

After investing time and effort organising your networking event, you want to be able to reach your event’s potential. Using an SMS marketing tool can enhance your efforts to maximise attendance, engagement, and organisation.

Here at SMS Campaign, we’ve recently been working with The Business Networking Show and The Somerset Business Show. We’ve demonstrated how using an SMS tool can maximise the results of your business networking event. And from this, how we can help you with your next networking event.

In the world of event management, you can appreciate the importance of good organisation. And like networking, communication is the key. We provide a solution to your communication needs, which brings wide-ranging benefits to your business event. From maximising event attendance, increasing stall bookings, and enhance organisation on the day.



Promote your networking event using SMS

Promote your Networking Event through SMS

One of the big benefits of using SMS as a part of your event is that it provides a fast, clear, and cheap way of promoting an event.

In a technological world, you can’t rely on older methods like flyers and posters. They might have some benefit, but it is through technology that most engagement and promotions are submitted.

Using an SMS marketing tool, you can send bulk text messages to groups of people. And even the simplest, shortest message has a strong impact. In a recent campaign, we ran for the above shows, 93% of messages we sent were opened and read. That percentage towers over the read rates of email and even social media.

For an example of the kind of text you can send, here’s one we used for the Business Networking Show.

“Over 1400 people are booked into Fridays www.TheBusinessNetworkingShow.info show doors open 0930. Tell a friend! See you there.”

As you can see, it’s short, it’s clear, and it urges subscribers to action. People are drawn to book into the event so as not to miss out. But also, the information of the date and time of the show is provided, as well as a link for further information.



maximise attendance at your networking event

Maximise your Attendance at your next Networking Event

Following the last point, using SMS as part of your event planning will help you maximise attendance.

This is partly because of the promotional work you can do with SMS. And, because of the high likelihood that the message will be read.

But SMS has another key benefit compared to other forms of communication. Because of its brevity and speed, it can be used with urgency. People have access to their mobiles nearly 24/7. And unlike emails or apps, texts are always on and available.

This means you can schedule messages for your delegates to remind them last-minute of the show. For instance, if subscribers find themselves suddenly available, it provides a prompt that they can now come. Or, for those already booked, remind them that they have an upcoming event, and all the vital information they need for the day.

For example, here’s one message we sent out on behalf of the Somerset Business Show.

“It’s www.TheSomersetBusinessShow.co.uk TOMORROW. Get ready for a jam-packed day. The show starts at 10 am, bring lots of cards! See you there.”

You could, of course, customise the message however you would like. We chose to highlight the urgency of the show being the next day, and the time it began. We also included a link for further information, which many people chose to follow and engage with.

However, messages could include the time and venue, or brief directions, or even a link to a map. The great thing about SMS messages is the fact they can be customised and personalised.



SMS brings benefits like organisation and quick feedback

Feedback, Organisation, and more!

There are many other benefits to using SMS marketing as a part of your event. Another great use is to schedule messages for delegates to receive after the event, thanking them for attending. You can provide a link to a survey, letting you have valuable feedback to use for your next event.

Additionally, you can even use SMS marketing tools to organise your staff or volunteers. As a readily-available, instant form of communication, it’s a great way to keep your colleagues updated as things happen. Or even schedule or send messages requesting status reports.

SMS marketing tools provide some fantastic benefits for business events. Because of how easy they are to send and receive the reliability and availability of SMS, and the versatility and customisation options available.


If you are looking to start using an SMS tool as part of your event management or would like to know more, contact us today! We provide the best value, most powerful, reliable and feature-packed text messaging software available. Not to mention other great features, such as real-time analytics tools and 24/7 support, without any set-up fees.

You can even try SMS Campaign for yourself, and see how it can help you. With a trial version with free training and consultancy provided for your first 3 campaigns, you’ll be fully informed and on the road to success.

Try our introductory package, ‘The Room’ of 100 messages for £1.99. Either way, you’ll have our full help and support, and the chance to see for yourself just how much SMS marketing can bring to your business event.

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