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The Amazing ways Using SMS Benefits Events

How SMS benefits events

In a world advancing into a digital age, event management has to follow suit. With so many modes of communication available to you, it can be easy to lose direction and users to get lost in a stream of emails and social media posts.

SMS benefits events by providing direct, accessible communication between you and your attendees. Making the whole process simpler and clearer for you and your guests.

Using SMS benefits events in many different ways, from planning to execution. Using a text messaging tool means you can communicate instantaneously to attendees. And unlike sending a mass email, or generic social media post, you can guarantee it will be seen and read. When using SMS, you know that it’s been received by those you want to see it.

If you’re unsure what text marketing or SMS marketing is, you can read our post discussing exactly what they are.

We’ve highlighted some of the great ways that SMS benefits events planning and management for you to consider. And given how easy it is to incorporate an SMS tool into your working practice, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t consider it.



How to use SMS for Events

How to use SMS in Event Planning & Management

Using an SMS for event management is versatile and simple. You can use it to communicate almost anything.

  • Organise your staff.
    By using SMS, you can send group messages to staff to keep them informed as things happen. And given how quick and easy text messaging is, you and your staff can keep each other updated.
  • Advertise the event.
    You can use SMS Campaign to send scheduled text messages promoting your latest events.
  • Send event reminders.

    This is where SMS proves invaluable because you know the vital information will be received by those who need it. And because 98% of texts are open and read you know that it will be seen. So use SMS to send critical information to your followers about the event. Send a reminder of the time and venue and be confident that they know.

  • Purchases and Thanks.

    You can use texts to confirm reservations or purchases. You can even send Etickets to their phone. Or, you can text to thank attendees after an event. It’s short, simple, and quick.

  • Send links.

    As well as sending confirmations and thanks to attendees, you can use texts to send links. These can be used for whatever you can think of. From links to event schedules, maps, and feedback surveys.

  • Boost your engagement.

    Another way to use SMS is to boost engagement. You could consider running competitions through texts. Or offer exclusive priority tickets or discounts. Or even use it to allow attendees to engage with the event by texting in. Because texts are so versatile, and everyone with a phone can receive them, you can get creative.

  • Grow your subscribers.

    Having the option of SMS messages can boost your subscribers. People like the ease and accessibility of texts. It doesn’t require installing any apps or constantly checking online to make sure they don’t miss a post. Not to mention, there are loads of great ways to use SMS to build your base.


How using SMS benefits events

How Using SMS Benefits Events

Reading about the ways SMS can be incorporated into your event management has probably given you ideas for its benefits.

But just to be clear, here are a few of the key benefits SMS can provide for your event:

  • Fast and effective.

    Texts in daily life are so quick and easy, they’re almost second nature. Using texts for event management is no different. If you have your contacts compiled, you can easily send group texts. So whatever you’re communicating, it’s fast, effective, and easy for you and your followers.

  • Increased footfall.

    The greatest way that SMS benefits events are by increasing attendance. Simply by using texts to remind and update your subscribers, you will maximise attendance at your event. They will know what’s happening, and when. And by texting them details on the day, they’re more likely to attend.

  • Emergency or critical information.

    Given how fast and easy SMS messaging is, you can use it to contact attendees with critical information at short notice. If there’s a change of venue or delay, you can inform everyone quickly and easily.

  • Improved staff efficiency.

    You can use text messages to organise your staff. By being able to send group texts and updates, you and your staff can be informed and organised.

  • Increased engagement.

    People read texts far more often than emails or social media posts. By using SMS messages you can keep subscribers informed and engaged about events. And with options for interaction and engagement with competitions, you can build your followers and reach new people.

  • Boost your other marketing.

    It’s worth using an SMS marketing tool even if you have other marketing tactics in place. You can use text messages to inform subscribers of an email or social media post. This means your other messages will be more likely to be read and reach people who otherwise might not view other media.



Incorporating an SMS strategy into your event management is simple and beneficial. The speed and accessibility of text messages can make your working processes simpler.

Whatever you’re planning, incorporating a text marketing strategy is incredibly easy and using SMS benefits event planning in numerous ways. From benefiting a business networking event to improving the promotion of your next gig, there are loads of benefits to using SMS.

SMS Campaign will make sure your text marketing is a success. From 24/7 support, to cloud back-up, and great rates, there’s a lot of great things we offer. Why not see for yourself and contact us today for more information on our packages and benefits.

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