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SMS Campaign is Getting a New Look and New Superpowers

SMS Campaign has been rebranded

In recent weeks, SMS Campaign has been undergoing a lot of changes behind the scenes to propel us into our specialism with events.

If you have been reading our blogs for a while now, or perhaps skimmed through all of our entries, you might have noticed this change in theme some time ago.

This shift has moved us towards a focus on working with event companies. And SMS Campaign is now proudly the #1 text marketing platform for event managers.


Questions and Answers:

Why Have We Changed Focus?

We haven’t changed our focus, so much as decided upon a specialism.

We still work with a lot of non-events companies and will do so in future. It just happens that we have spent a considerable amount of time working with event managers, so it seemed quite natural.


Can I Still use SMS Campaign?

Yes! Just because we have rebranded, doesn’t mean you can’t use SMS Campaign, whatever your business. We think any and all business could make the most of super communications!


Can I expect to Find Other Changes?

We will be updating our site to keep up with the changes we have made, but this has all been going on behind the scenes for a little while.

We’re really happy with our new look, and hope you will share our enthusiasm and understand the story of our new image.

We have also changed our packages slightly. If you want to discuss how this might affect you as an existing customer, call us on +44 207 127 4303.

If you’re a new customer, no problem. Just take your pick of our new packages, and away you go.


Can I Use SMS Campaign While You Rebrand?

Of course, you can! In fact, you probably have without realising. That’s because we have kept the current site and all systems running, and kept business as usual. And we intend to maintain that until the new site is live.


SMS Campaign has a new look and new superpowers


What is this New Image?

If you follow any of our social media, like our twitter or facebook,  you might have seen some of the quirky graphics and teasers we have been sending out to the world. The characters featured on that graphic are now starting to infiltrate other areas of our site and content. (This blog, for a start!)

Although we aren’t quite ready to replace all of our graphics just yet, our site will be live soon and display all our fantastic new images. We’ve hinted at the new theme quite heavily, so you might have already guessed. But if not, keep your eyes peeled!


Can I Find Out More About the Villains?

Definitely! You can check the new ‘alter egos’ page to find out about the SMS Campaign team, and their supervillain identities. We’ve also started a new blog series introducing each villain and their corresponding team member. The first one is all about one of our founders, the devious Doctor DeVos!


It’s been an exciting time to be a part of SMS Campaign, and we can’t wait to finally share all our hard work with you all.

We hope you enjoy the story and personality of our new look, just as much as we all do.

When the new site goes live, we would love to hear your thoughts about the new image and rebranding. Tweet us, or post on our Facebook wall, letting us know what you think!

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