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Our Top Tips to Make the Most of the SMS Message Format

Tips to make the most of SMS

When it comes to using SMS Marketing, it can seem like there are a lot of rules to play by. Making sure you have adequate permissions, sticking to the character limit, and making sure you’re communicating everything you need to can seem like a lot to consider for such a brief message.

Admittedly, it’s a lot easier than you think. You don’t consider limitations or rules when you text people on a day to day basis, but subconsciously you follow all of them. Texting has become ingrained in our lives, and there is no need to consider business messaging as alien. 

Here are some of our top tips on how to make the most of the SMS format.

Keep SMS messages short

Keep Your SMS Short, then Shorten it

I know for a fact I have a habit of rambling and over-explaining. It just means that I have to remind myself to be brief and edit my content.

Your SMS marketing messages shouldn’t be any different. Remind yourself to be concise as you write, and make sure you revisit and edit your messages to ensure they say everything you need to, but without being verbose. Simple tricks like removing adverbs can buy you the characters you need to complete your key message.

Once you are in the habit of writing short, rich content, it becomes second nature.

Keep to the character limit

You Can Combat the Character Limit

Anyone who remembers the pre-smartphone era will be used to the days of character count limits of text messages. Additionally, Twitter carried a similar character limit until earlier this year. Creating a message that fits within 160 characters can seem like a challenge, but you will often find that as long as you keep it brief and to the point, you can manage it easily

It is worth noting that there is not actually any need to strictly stay within those characters. You can send a longer message by simply …sending a longer message.

If you go over 160 characters, the next 160 characters will be added on to create one long message that costs two texts. Think of it as building blocks. Each set of 160 characters is one message, and one brick. To create a longer message, you just attach another brick. And another, and another, and another

So if you know you need the extra space to send a longer message, it really isn’t an issue.

Use visual content in your marketing

Use Visual Content to Your Advantage

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the same can be said with using visual media in your marketing messages. By creating a custom graphic containing key information, you can send the image and save the words of having to explain everything on the image.

Equally, you can embed a link in your text message to take your readers to a page containing key information and explanations you need to communicate with them. Giving your humble text message the potential to carry a hefty chunk of information.


For more ideas on how to create SMS marketing messages, here are five event marketing ideas to entice customers. But if you’re really not sure where to start when it comes to starting an SMS marketing campaign, we include some useful SMS templates with all of our packages. Simply copy and paste them into the send screen, replace the prompt with the information about your event or brand, and send. It takes two minutes and makes marketing easy.

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