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The Facts Behind SMS Loyalty Schemes and Why They’re Super

How to make & benefit from an SMS loyalty scheme

Loyalty schemes are great for business and customers alike, and SMS loyalty schemes are easy to create and deliver. Consumers get greater value from your business and feel appreciated for their custom. Meanwhile, you can encourage customer loyalty and build your audience. In fact, 90% of customers who use SMS loyalty schemes feel that they have gained value from them.

SMS, or text messages, are an easy way to deliver your loyalty scheme to consumers. The communication is direct and accessible, and more likely to be seen than any other method of communication.

We’re going to tell you more about how you can create your own loyalty scheme, and why SMS is an easy, efficient way of delivering a loyalty scheme to your consumers.


how to create sms loyalty schemes

How To Create SMS Loyalty Schemes

It is easy to create an SMS loyalty scheme. Simply capture a list of mobile phone numbers and create a ‘loyalty’ list on the SMS Campaign platform. From there, it really is just as easy as texting. You write your message, exclusive offer or news and send it to the entire list at once. And just like that, your customers receive a direct message from you with high-value content.



aren't there apps for loyalty schemes

Aren’t There Apps for That?

An app loyalty scheme might look fancy, and have extra features, but users can be put off with the need for extra downloads and taking up precious memory on their smartphones. Not to mention, you will need to adjust apps for different operating systems.

Using SMS to deliver loyalty rewards also means that your consumers don’t need to have a smartphone, or rely on using data or wifi. With texting a feature of all phones, and easily accessible, there are no obstacles to people receiving your messages.



why should I use SMS for my scheme

Why Should I Use SMS

As mentioned above, SMS is readily available and accessible for everyone to use. No matter their phone age, model, or operating system.

Additionally, an SMS loyalty scheme makes the most of SMS messaging’s superior read rates. If you own a phone, you probably know for yourself that you will read a text almost as soon as you get it. All while your emails and push notifications might be left unopened for longer, if you ever open them at all.

The 160 character nature of SMS messages makes texts easy and quick to read and understand. (Although you can send longer messages.) SMS also gives you the ability to individually personalise the messages whilst addressing a large list. You can also include live links, anticipate responses, conduct surveys, and more. Making texts highly versatile and functional.



some statistics to support SMS & loyalty schemes

Some Statistics to Support SMS

To put some statistics on the statement, 90% text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. Not only that, but 98% of text messages are opened and read, compared to 20-30% of emails.

Not only is SMS a great tool to use, but the consumers do want to see them. Aside from the statistic, we mentioned earlier where 90% of users feel they gained value from an SMS loyalty programme. A huge 57% have said they would like to sign up for an SMS loyalty scheme. That’s a healthy proportion of consumers.

That means that by using the humble text message, you are guaranteed to have your message received and read. It won’t be left unopened, or filtered into a spam inbox. Instead you have a direct line of communication with your consumer. And when you’re delivering messages and rewards they want to receive, they’ll be glad to have been sent them.


So it seems that SMS loyalty schemes are not only great for your business but your customers too. The joy of text messaging in daily life is its ease and accessibility, and that transfers to using texts for business.

Creating a loyalty scheme through text messaging is simple, and quick to set up and use. So if you want to encourage returning customers, provide more value for their loyalty, and grow your audience, SMS loyalty schemes are a great place to start.

If you want to start your own loyalty scheme today, try one of our packages. It gives you everything you need to start a full SMS marketing campaign, as well as the tools to create your own loyalty scheme.

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