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What is SMS Marketing? How does it Work? Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

what is text marketing

Text messaging has become so ingrained in our daily lives, we can take it for granted. But as soon as “text messaging” is referred to as “SMS messaging”, or the idea of SMS marketing is mentioned, it can seem a world away from our daily texting rituals. So what is SMS marketing, and how does it work?

We want everyone to be clear about what SMS marketing is and how it works. We thought it was time to refresh our memories and answer some frequently asked questions about SMS marketing.

what is sms marketing

What is SMS marketing?

The quick answer:

SMS marketing is the use of SMS – otherwise known as text messaging – to deliver promotional messages and materials to users.

In more detail:

But the truth be told, many uses of an SMS marketing service aren’t obviously for marketing purposes. For example? The most common example of SMS marketing that you might have encountered, isn’t strictly marketing at all. If you have ever ordered food online, you have probably received a text message to let you know when your order as out for delivery. This is an example of text marketing!

So although SMS marketing is defined as the use of text messages for promotional purposes, we would be more inclined to say that it is the use of text messages by a business for business purposes.

We have created a short guide previously which outlined what text marketing is, and examples of how it can be used.

how does sms marketing work

How does SMS marketing work?

The quick answer:

Businesses will use a bulk SMS service to be able to create and send messages to lists of the business’s contacts. Meaning that they can text dozens to thousands of people at the same time. Texting gives them the ability to quickly and easily communicate with their contacts.

In more detail:

The ways in which brands use SMS marketing can be very varied. Equally, the available tools and functions of bulk messaging platform can differ. Regardless of what tools or extras are available, the core principle remains the same. That is that a business will use a text message to convey whatever content they wish to circulate to their subscribers or contacts.

These messages could be sent to a handful of people in a specific segmented list, or thousands of users at once. SMS is a versatile, direct form of communication. This is reflected in the broad array of companies using the service and how they use it.


Making the most of SMS marketing for your business might seem like an easily overlooked task. However, SMS is the most readable form of communication available. It also has superb stats compared to other marketing channels available.

Knowing what SMS marketing is and how it works is the foundation for understanding what makes it a unique, versatile asset to your marketing strategy.

To start your SMS marketing campaign to complement your current marketing strategy, contact us today.

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