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Text Message Event Marketing Examples

text event marketing examples

Event marketing is made up of dozens of key factors and tiny details. Whatever event you are organising, you will benefit from a strong marketing campaign using various channels.

Rather obviously, we’re going to talk about how you can use text messages for event marketing. But more importantly, we’re giving you examples of how you can use them. We aren’t going to cover many topics, only two key examples. These are promotional messages and reminders.

If you’d like to read about more ideas on using text messages for event marketing, try checking out our blog post about the applications of text messages in your event planning, and to get a few ideas for how to incorporate texts into your next campaign.



promotional text messages

Promotional Messages

Text messages provide a quick and easy way to market your event. Their concise nature makes them easy to read (and write!) and the method of delivery is the most direct form of contact you can achieve. Which all essentially means that your message is far more likely to be seen and taken in. There are loads of different ways you can use text messaging to promote your event, from sending important information and a tagline, to GIFs and graphics.

One basic example would be the following, which highlights a sale. But you can easily use the same principle to promote whatever event you specialise in.

“Our summer sale starts tomorrow, so snap up your festival tickets at amazing prices. Head over to <link> to find tickets and info.”



text message event reminders

Text Message Reminders

One of the easiest and most valuable ways to include text messaging into marketing your business event is to send event reminders. Not only can this be a great way to promote the event at the eleventh hour and attract a last-minute attendance boost, but you will also ensure the arrival and punctuality of your confirmed attendees. It’s a win-win and better yet, will only take as long to create and send as it would texting anyone normally.


We’re going to include an example of a possible promotional message below. This is in no way meant to be a polished and proper message, but more an example you can adapt.

“Are you ready for the big day? The Wedding Fair is Tomorrow! Doors open at 9am and we’ll have everything you need for planning your very own ‘big day’.”


This took less than a minute to come up with and write, and wouldn’t do badly as a promotional text message. The fact is, even if you take time to really craft the perfect message, and even if you create several versions before finding the perfect message, it will never take you a great length of time. Texts are fantastic because of their concise nature. Quick to write and send, and easy to read. Making them great for you and your subscribers.



incorporate additional materials and tools into your text messages

Incorporate Additional Materials and Tools into Your Event Marketing

You can also include links and images in text messages. This makes it easy to make your reminder messages practical for your subscribers, and encourage them to attend on the day.

“Don’t forget the networking event tomorrow at 10am. For details on how to get there, read more here. <link>  If you can’t attend, reply “No” to this text.”

As you can see, we’ve incorporated a few key elements here. From the time and place to be able to implement an RSVP system to keep you informed about your attendance. Anticipated replies as mentioned in the example are very easy to implement on SMS Campaign. You can find out more in the How to PDF included in our packages.



This is in no way a comprehensive list of examples for these two uses of text messages. And it certainly doesn’t even attempt to cover all of the uses of text messages in event marketing.

If you would like more examples on how to incorporate text messaging into your event, read through our other blog posts and be sure to read over our text message templates included with every package we offer.

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