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What Makes a Thank You Text Message Brilliant for Business

sending a thank you text message

It’s hard to believe that a thank you text message can carry a lot of benefits for your company. It can be easy to overlook as simple and humble an act as offering polite thanks to your guests. For a start, it is good manners. But more importantly, it lodges your event and name in people’s minds after the event has taken place.


the benefits of a thank you text message

The Benefit of a Thank You

Like the postscript of a letter, the last thing people see tends to stick with them. Therefore, sending a thank-you text serves as a great way to lodge yourself into people’s memories.

It also acts as a great opportunity to offer something a little extra to make them want more or keep an eye out for what’s next. In this way, it functions like a postscript. You could use a thank you text message at an appropriate time to mention another event you have coming up.

Therefore you can use a thank you text message to people as the opportune moment to encourage further engagement. For example, sending a link to that upcoming event you have planned. Or perhaps to promote your social media pages.

However, you could use a thank you text in an entirely different function, to gather feedback from your attendees. Feedback is always invaluable, so being able to encourage it through a simple text is great for you. Not to mention, if that text serves other purposes.



get bonus on the back of a thank you text message

Feedback as a Bonus

Given the nature of the text message is to thank them for attending an event, it is perfectly appropriate to include a request for feedback. There are loads of ways you can receive this feedback.

It could be directly in a reply to the text, using our simple answering system. For instance, asking they rate the event with a number which they text back. Or simply texting a yes/no response about if they enjoyed the day. If you want to gather more detailed feedback, you could include a link in the message to direct them to a short online survey.



sample thank you text message

A Sample of a Thank You Text Message

A thank you text message doesn’t have to be long and extravagant. In fact, it’s better if it’s short and sweet. Like this one:

“Hi <<first name>>, thank you for attending yesterday’s event! We’d love to see you at the next one. Here’s the info to find out more: <<link>>”

That’s all it needs to be! In that one short text, you’ve thanked the guest to show your appreciation and make yourself stick in their memory. And in the same text, you’ve promoted your next event.

You could also use that sample message as a template for our system. Consider it our thank you for reading the blog!



why should you send a thank you text message

The Importance of Thanks

The biggest importance of a thank you text message is to thank your attendee for coming to your event. Putting aside the benefits of making yourself more memorable, or encouraging further engagement, sending a thank you message shows you value your attendees. And as we mentioned, it’s just polite!


We’ve included other thank you text message templates as part of our templates pack that is included with our main packages. Just to make it easier for you to remember to send them to your delegates and customers.

A thank you message needn’t be formal, either. In fact, there can be benefits to being informal sometimes. But is there a place for humour in marketing communications? We think so, but you need to decide what message tone and content is best for your business.

If you haven’t already seen the packages we offer, and all that they can provide you, you can check them out here. There’s sure to be one that fits your needs and can help you enhance your marketing strategy and brand.

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