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Meet the SMS Campaign Supervillains: The Artificer

SMS Campaign Supervillains: The Artificer

Over the last few weeks, we have interspersed our regular content with blog posts introducing our SMS Campaign supervillains. And in the process, explaining why we have decided to change our brand identity. This post will introduce the “Artificer” and marks the penultimate supervillain blog. But you can expect to see more quirky characters and fiendish tales in the future.

But if you’re impatient and want to know more about why we have chosen to don capes, and who all these cartoon villains are, you can check our ‘Alter Egos’ page. For now let us introduce to you, the Artificer.


The Artificer SMS Campaign Supervillains

Meet the Artificer

Unlike many superheroes or supervillains, The Artificer did not create the source of his power, nor was he subject to experiment or additive to receive them. He was one of very few who was in fact born with his superhuman talents.

In youth, he was simply mistaken for an unusually creative child. And his abilities merely the fluke of a vast imagination, or prodigious ability. But when he began telling tales of his paintings coming to life, or drawings talking to him, and was laughed off as a child with an overactive imagination.

Until one night in his teens, when a rogue creation of his painted fantasies came to life. Found by his father, the absurdly colourful creature was destroyed. Followed by all of the Artificer’s art supplies. Until the ‘madness’ could be stopped, or he could control his creative outpourings, he was to be banned from all artistic endeavour. Even in school, he was discouraged from art class to instead be placed in further mathematics, or science.

Thankfully for our fiendish friend, he eventually learned how to control his fantastic powers.. Like Dr Frankenstein, he dedicated himself to learning about how to give life to his creations. In his artistic experiments, he not only learned about how he could transform the depiction of creatures into the very creatures themselves, but he also learnt how to create objects and illusions with little more than the impression or illustration of them.

He could quite literally, create anything merely by depicting it.

With so much ability at his fingertips, he did what many would. He created himself a fortune, and every object his heart desired. But soon, that was not enough. Having everything, what else could he yearn for? Nothing seemed challenging. He began with silly pranks to entertain himself, but his lust for mischief and ever-increasing appetite for new sensations and challenges soon drove him towards villainy.

Hearing of the growing Evil League led by Dr DeVos, he sought out fellow supervillains. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Sunil SMS Campaign

The Man Behind the Mask

Behind the guise of supervillain Artificer is none other than our own Sunil. From India and a very artistic soul, Sunil is no less of a colourful character than his supervillain counterpart. Although he can’t bring his creations to life, they certainly are not lifeless. (Take our quirky little villains, for example!)

In fact, if anyone could master illusion or turn his art into reality, it would be Sunil. With over ten years of experience as a graphic and web designer, he really is a master of his craft. If you can imagine it, Sunil can create it.

It comes as no surprise he loves experimenting with colour and is as happy designing professionally and leisurely. But if he isn’t bringing ideas to life, he’s bringing life to his garden. Our green-fingered friend is a man of many talents!


Here ends the ‘origins’ story of The Artificer (and Sunil,) but it definitely isn’t the end of the tale.

To find out more about the team, you can read our blog posts introducing the SMS Campaign supervillains and their everyday alter egos. In the meantime, you can find out about the company story, and those of the villains, on our website.

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