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Meet the SMS Campaign Supervillains: The Ringmaster

the ringmaster | SMS campaign

It’s about time we introduced our rebrand properly, and with it, our team of supervillains who mastermind SMS Campaign.

Over the last few weeks, we have interspersed our regular content with blog posts introducing our supervillains. And in the process, explaining why we have decided to change our identity. There are still more to introduce, so expect to see more quirky characters and fiendish tales over the next few weeks.

But if you’re impatient and want to know more about why we have chosen to don capes, and who all these cartoon villains are, you can check our ‘Alter Egos’ page.


the ringmaster

Meet The Ringmaster

As her name suggests, The Ringmaster’s origins can be traced back to the circus. As a girl, she performed in a travelling circus with her parents, the lion tamer and the acrobat. The family had an unconventional but happy life. Until one day, the tent went up in flames after a show. The cause was never found and assumed to be carelessness. But the tragedy was huge and left the Ringmaster alone in the world. So she ran away and joined another circus. But she swore to find who had been responsible, and get her revenge.

Years of growing up in the circus taught The Ringmaster all she would need to know about showmanship, and she learned how to draw people into the palm of her hand. She had also learned a lot about acrobatics from her performance days.

Travelling with the circus, she never stopped looking for the man responsible for the fire that killed her parents. And when she found him, she took her role as her name and became The Ringmaster, and exacted vigilante justice.

Of course, vigilante justice does not coincide with the law. So our anti-hero was seen as that. She left the circus and continued her career as The Ringmaster. Until one day, she happened upon the Mistry Man. He claimed he could read minds, and convince anyone to believe anything. Curious but sceptical, and always one for a show, The Ringmaster investigated. And so started her involvement with the league of evil at SMS Campaign.


Meet the Villains: Tabitha

The Woman Behind the Mask

The team member this supervillain is based upon is Tabitha Grey, and she didn’t come from the circus. Although she has travelled widely and taken on various jobs in her time. Her specialism being marketing, which is what she does here at SMS Campaign.

If anyone can teach an old dog new tricks, it’s Tabitha. Not only by teaching people how to improve their marketing, but literally teaching dogs. She might not be the leader of an extravagant circus, but she does teach her dog agility. It isn’t quite lion taming, but it’s impressive all the same! And yes, that does mean Tabitha is yet another team member who owns a dog. And like the others, she owns two.

If she isn’t working her magic as a marketing mastermind, Tabitha might be exploring the country and geocaching.


Here ends the ‘origins’ story of The Ringmaster (and Tabitha,) but it definitely isn’t the end of the tale.

To find out more about the team behind SMS Campaign, keep an eye out for future blog posts introducing our supervillains, and their everyday alter egos. In the meantime, you can find out about the company story, and those of the villains, on our website.

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