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How to Increase Your Trade Fair Ticket Sales Using SMS

trade fair ticket sales with SMS

Whether your trade fair tickets are free or for a fee, you want to sell as many as you can. Using SMS can be one way you can increase ticket sales for your event. And with increased ticket sales, comes the promise of great attendance.


Useing a shortcode and keyword to sell and promote tickets

Using a Shortcode and Keyword

There are at least two key ways you can use a shortcode and keyword in your ticket sale process. Both of which could help you see a rise in your ticket sales.


Sell trade fair tickets using SMS

Sell Trade Fair Tickets Using SMS

Most of us are accustomed to seeing, if not using, shortcodes and keywords. One of the most visible uses is charity donations completed via text. (For example, text “donate” to 7422.)

You can use the same process in your ticket sales. If your tickets are free, you can use this method to sell tickets directly. Your subscribers and delegates need only text the keyword to the number, and you can send their ticket in response.

If your tickets require a monetary transaction to take place, you can still use a shortcode and keyword to capture leads. Someone can text their interest, and you send them the link to your app or site to purchase tickets.

use SMS to promote event tickets

Use SMS to Promote Event Tickets

Leading on from above, you can use shortcodes and keywords to promote your event and ticket sales. Advertise the shortcode and keyword across your channels with an incentive such as a competition or discount for new users. To get these incentives, they must text you and subscribe to your mobile list. From there, you can send them the information and link to ticket sales.



send direct personal marketing messages with SMS

Send Direct, Personal Marketing Messages

Using SMS messaging is a fantastic way to communicate directly to your delegates and subscribers. Text messages have a phenomenally high read rate compared to other marketing channels, and so guarantee that your message will be seen. So whenever you have a new trade fair to promote or an important sponsor to advertise, send a quick text to your subscribers and be certain that they have seen.

Not only do SMS messages have fantastic rates of engagement, but they also can help you access a new audience. Using various different channels each allows you to reach a certain demographic or audience better than others. So simply by using SMS, you might find you reach more of the people you never had previously.


introduce and incentivise referrals

Introduce and Incentivise Referrals

A final great way to boost your ticket sales by using SMS messaging is by introducing and incentivising referrals. You can do this over another channel, but it works incredibly well over text due to the concise, direct nature of the communication. Not to mention, they’re more likely to be seen and more accessible for your subscriber to use.

Simply advertise that you now run a referral scheme and the rules alongside. Perhaps for every friend who buys a ticket, the person who referred them can get 10% off their next event ticket. You can decide what incentive to use according to your speciality, budget, and who you want to attract. But one thing’s for certain, you will see an increase in your audience and your ticket sales.



Not every strategy works for every event, and not even every trade fair. But there is sure to be one or two that work well for you and our audience. But by testing some new methods like the ones in this post, you will soon find what works (and doesn’t). Then by doing more of what is successful, and less of what is not, you will be on the path to increased ticket sales.

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