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How to Turn Bulk SMS Messages into Personalised Marketing Messages

In everyday life, people are spending more and more time on their phones, and businesses are too. Sending out bulk SMS messages makes it easy to quickly and effectively contact your subscribers. You might think bulk messaging sounds bulky and impersonal when in reality, it is quite the opposite. In fact, it can be the most personal, effective communication channel available to you.

Being able to communicate directly with your users and consumers is a real privilege. It is also a powerful tool for your business. Text messaging allows you to do this. We’ve got some tips below on how to make your text marketing messages more effective and personal. And bust the idea that bulk SMS has to be boring or impersonal.


give each sms message a purpose

Give Each Message a Purpose

One of the best ways to improve your text marketing campaign is to clearly identify what the purpose of the campaign is, and what the aim of each individual message is. A defined purpose lets you identify and target people who will be most interested in your message. Which immediately makes your message more valuable and personal to them.

Having a clear purpose gives you a goal to target when you are examining your statistics and returns. It will also give you a starting point for a strong call to action for every message. And that means you can influence your readers towards the desired goal you have in mind.


keep your bulk sms communications short, sweet, and simple

Keep it Short, Sweet and Simple

The best performing marketing messages across all channels are those that are short and simple. Short messages don’t ward off a reader like opening an email essay. Additionally, the simpler and clearer the language you use is, the more effective the message will be. Having a clearly defined purpose will help you to keep your message short and to-the-point.

The beauty of text messages is that the format forces you to be concise. Making sure that you keep the message clear will help your reader quickly understand what the purpose of the message is.


personalise your bulk SMS messages

Personalise your Bulk SMS Messages

Personalising your marketing messages doesn’t have to take any time at all, and better addresses your reader. You might be sending the same message to ten or ten thousand people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t personalise it.

You can keep the body of the message the same for everyone in the appropriate audience. To address them directly in each message is simple, just use a custom field. Fr example, typing “Hi <<name>>” into the platform will send a text to everyone selected that greets them individually by their name. It’s a way to catch their attention quickly and make the communication feel more direct and personal.


experiment with the effect of time over time

Experiment with Time over Time

If you have attempted marketing campaigns over other channels, you might have noticed that posting or messaging at different times on different days can have a profound effect on your engagement.

For example, a message sent late on a Saturday night might have dire read and response rates. Whereas the same message sent just a few hours earlier could swing those read rates into higher figures. Similarly, posting an identical message on a different day can also shift the statistics up or down.

We can’t give a clear answer on the precise time and day that performs the best for marketing messages, as we don’t know your specific audience. However, you should get a clear idea as soon as you start checking your statistics. Then when you begin your next campaign, you can make use of what you have learned about what times of day get you the best response.


study the statistics behind your bulk sms messages

Study Your Statistics

As mentioned above, checking the statistics of your messages can help you gather useful insights into how to improve your marketing. One instance is the example above and learning about what time and day get you the read rates and responses you want.

Another reason to check your statistics is to keep tabs on which numbers you are contacting are active. If you have trouble getting in touch with a contact, it might be that their phone number is no longer in use. Regularly checking your statistics will let you identify the individuals you might need to try and contact through another channel.

Not only that, but you can’t understand how well your messages are performing if you don’t study the data. You would have no idea about the number of contacts who open the messages, click links, or respond. Checking your statistics lets you get an idea of how your campaign is performing, and identify the areas in which you can improve in future.


Using bulk SMS might sound like an impersonal branch of communication but it can, in fact, be the opposite. The ability to send messages in large numbers simultaneously makes it easy for you to communicate to your subscribers. But just because it’s bulk, doesn’t mean it has to be bland and alienating. Contacting people through SMS feels more personal than any other form of communication. And alongside factors like properly segmenting your audience and using custom fields can ensure that the message you send feels personally directed to an individual.

Make sure you’re not missing a golden opportunity and get your own SMS marketing campaign started today. Check out our packages to find one with the right perks and prices for your company.

Hopefully, these tips help you to make the most of your text message marketing campaign. But if you’re still unsure about how to use bulk SMS for business, you can read this article for ideas on how to use the channel and the benefits it brings.

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