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Meet the SMS Campaign Supervillains: Vex

Vex | SMS Campaign

It’s about time we introduced our rebrand properly, and with it, our team of SMS Campaign supervillains.

Over the last few weeks, we have interspersed our regular content with blog posts introducing our supervillains. And in the process, explaining why we have decided to change our identity. There are still more to introduce, so expect to see more quirky characters and fiendish tales over the next few weeks.

But if you’re impatient and want to know more about why we have chosen to don capes, and who all these cartoon villains are, you can check our ‘Alter Egos’ page.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the third of our friendly supervillains. You’ve already met Doctor Devos and the Mistry Man, so without further ado, meet their sidekick Vex.


meet vex

Meet Vex

Vex is the youngest member of the evil league of SMS Campaign supervillains. And although she is the sidekick to Doctor Devos and the Mistry Man, she is very much a supervillain in her own right.

From a young age, Vex was intrigued by language and literature. Initially, it was entertaining and satisfied her thirst for knowledge. But in time, she came to see the power of words. The intrinsic magic of language fascinated her, and she dedicated herself to the study of the sorcery of words.

In another life, Vex might have been seen as a superhero. Her altruistic nature and dedication to study could be seen as admirable even now. Seeing the corruption of the world, she became a vigilante figure, destroying the authority and power of those she deemed unworthy through silver-tongued speeches or turning their own words into ash on their tongues. Metaphorically and literally.

She soon came to the attention of the masterminds you have already met. And before long, Doctor DeVos and the Mistry Man enlisted her into the evil league. They saw the potential of her powers in furthering their cause. Vex could create the magic words to win the world over, Mistry Man could deliver them, and Doctor DeVos could provide the technology to broadcast their message.

Vex’s powers complemented those of the partners in crime, just as she fit into their schemes and aims. With their resources to hand and their support behind her, there’s no telling how far this sidekick supervillain will go.


The woman behind the mask of Vex

The Woman Behind the Mask

The team member this supervillain is based on is Erin Quilliam. Like her supervillain counterpart, Erin is the youngest member of the SMS Campaign team and very much the dynamic sidekick to the company directors.

She studied drama and English at university and was soon picked up by Thomas and Raj to help produce content for the company. Before long, she had taken over full responsibility and now handles the development and delivery of all content.

Erin’s as at home in a theatre as she is at work. If she isn’t watching a stage show, she’s in one. Otherwise, she can probably be out running or walking her pair of spaniels. (Yes, she’s another team member who owns two dogs.)


Here ends the ‘origins’ story of Vex (and Erin,) but it definitely isn’t the end of the tale. As mentioned above, Erin remains an active part of SMS Campaign as head of content. Whereas there is no telling what evil schemes Vex is partaking in…

To find out more about the team behind SMS Campaign, keep an eye out for future blog posts introducing our supervillains, and their everyday alter egos. In the meantime, you can find out about the company story, and the SMS Campaign supervillains, on our website.

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